First look at the new 'Under the Sea' room makeover coming to Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort

Nov 30, 2022 in "Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort"

Posted: Wednesday November 30, 2022 2:12pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today shared a first look inside one of the new 'Under the Sea' themed rooms coming soon to Disney"s Caribbean Beach Resort at Walt Disney World.

The new-look rooms will replace the Pirates-themed rooms in Trinidad South.

According to Disney, the new rooms will "include subtle nods to fan-favorite characters from under the sea, will accommodate more Guests, and feature updated finishings that can't be found anywhere else at the resort."

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uncle jimmyJun 21, 2023

@lentesta I love the show, been listening for years! I love the history, inside info and rumors. Also, thanks for sharing your pet theory on the failed refurb attempts. Which no better place for these refurbs to go to die, Dead Refurbs Tell no Tales!

lentestaJun 21, 2023

Thanks for listening to the show! Okay, my pet theory is that Caribbean Beach is where room refurbs go to die. For example, if you walk around the entire resort, I think you'll see something like four different floor coverings in use - the two new vinyls, and then the last two carpets. Which means Disney hasn't completed a full refurb of the old resort in its last four attempts. As for the current refurb, I've heard Disney's run into supply chain issues for some key components, and is attempting to manufacture them in-house in Orlando. Which is not what they're set up for. And that might be causing some delays.

surfsupdonJun 21, 2023

Thank you @uncle jimmy please keep us updated. When Barbados buildings go down for room upgrades I’d love to see the exteriors get a new paint scheme…to differentiate Islands.

uncle jimmyJun 21, 2023

@lentesta hinted at something in his recent podcast about a theory he had about this room refresh for CBR, but wasn't ready to share yet. My theory is that some rooms will become family sweets with this refresh.

James AlucobondJun 21, 2023

Probably because the lodge aesthetic is fairly atemporal in its appeal and more or less universally revered as cozy. It also meshes well with pieces from different periods because it's a constantly revisited style. The appeal of a room that is strictly a mid-century tiki or Victorian facsimile, on the other hand, is probably a bit more narrow. That said, the rooms were never themed that way in the first place.

Skibum1970Jun 21, 2023

I guess, technically, the Galactic Starcruiser did this. They just went and made the rooms overly expensive and added a LARP'ing thing to try and justify the cost. I always felt that AKL and WL probably had the best overall theming while the other deluxes were mixed. The moderate hotels have some theming but definitely downscaled.

surfsupdonJun 20, 2023

Do we know which of the buildings have been given the new refreshed rooms? We know all of Trinidad has been finished. What about the other Islands and buildings?

Frankenstein79Dec 07, 2022

It's too bad they are getting rid of them. Because the idea of Pirates is awesome, it's just the execution of it wasn't. I'd much rather see more theme specific sections at Caribbean. Like they've done at Riverside. Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Sebastian and Ariel seem like they'd be perfect fits.

PatchesleeDec 07, 2022

I'm on the Caribbean FB group, someone was already assigned one of the new rooms yesterday at check-in.

golden6911Dec 05, 2022

Yes. Is it the Beach Club? No, but it is a more upscale version of the AoA Little Mermaid rooms that are constantly excluded from all discounts due to popularity.

jinx8402Dec 05, 2022

He was referring to the upscale from a AOA value resort to CBR moderate. CBR is more upscale to AOA due to having a feature pool with slide and TS. Perhaps upscale wasn't the best of words as it usually means high end, which obviously these rooms nor CBR in general are. However there is a upgrade in experience going from AOA to CBR.

GimpYancIentDec 05, 2022

Upscale? Uhhhhh no. Definitely not upscale.

golden6911Dec 05, 2022

Overall I like it - I am a fan of this type of practical room set up with convertible furniture. I am actually thinking this is a little more "themed" than some of the more recent room refurbs with the murals and small touches. I am surprised they are repeating the LM theme in another resort on the skyliner line, but since the LM rooms at AOA are so popular, my guess is this will draw those people who want a more upscale experience.

_calebDec 05, 2022

Given the theme, shouldn’t they be water beds?