Pirate rooms at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort to be replaced with 'under the sea' theme

Oct 03, 2022 in "Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort"

Posted: Monday October 3, 2022 12:17pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Pirates-themed rooms at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort will soon be removed to make way for a new 'under the sea' theme.

The 384 rooms in Trinidad South were converted to a Pirates theme in 2009.

The Pirate-themed rooms will be retired in December 2022, with the new rooms opening in 2023.

According to Disney, the new rooms will "include subtle nods to fan-favorite characters from under the sea, will accommodate more Guests, and feature updated finishings that can't be found anywhere else at the resort."

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Frankenstein79Dec 07, 2022

It's too bad they are getting rid of them. Because the idea of Pirates is awesome, it's just the execution of it wasn't. I'd much rather see more theme specific sections at Caribbean. Like they've done at Riverside. Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Sebastian and Ariel seem like they'd be perfect fits.

PatchesleeDec 07, 2022

I'm on the Caribbean FB group, someone was already assigned one of the new rooms yesterday at check-in.

golden6911Dec 05, 2022

Yes. Is it the Beach Club? No, but it is a more upscale version of the AoA Little Mermaid rooms that are constantly excluded from all discounts due to popularity.

jinx8402Dec 05, 2022

He was referring to the upscale from a AOA value resort to CBR moderate. CBR is more upscale to AOA due to having a feature pool with slide and TS. Perhaps upscale wasn't the best of words as it usually means high end, which obviously these rooms nor CBR in general are. However there is a upgrade in experience going from AOA to CBR.

GimpYancIentDec 05, 2022

Upscale? Uhhhhh no. Definitely not upscale.

golden6911Dec 05, 2022

Overall I like it - I am a fan of this type of practical room set up with convertible furniture. I am actually thinking this is a little more "themed" than some of the more recent room refurbs with the murals and small touches. I am surprised they are repeating the LM theme in another resort on the skyliner line, but since the LM rooms at AOA are so popular, my guess is this will draw those people who want a more upscale experience.

_calebDec 05, 2022

Given the theme, shouldn’t they be water beds?

Fido ChuckwagonDec 05, 2022

The biggest problem is the double sized beds. Many married couples won’t book a room with only double beds. If they are replacing them with queen-sized beds then they will sell better.

UNCgolfDec 05, 2022

I hate the Skyliner -- don't think it's enjoyable to ride, plus it shuts down in storms and they aren't great at supplementing with buses. I won't stay at any Skyliner resort. I'm still glad it exists as an alternative transit method for people who do like it, though.

JD80Dec 05, 2022

Skyliner > Monorail

UNCgolfDec 05, 2022

I certainly hope that's not what people want -- and I doubt it, considering people seem pretty widely down on the Incredibles rooms at the Contemporary (for good reason). These particular rooms seem fine to me, other than maybe the quality of the furnishings (they look cheap, but hard to say without actually seeing them in person). I'm not sure there's much of an overall theme for a "Caribbean Beach Resort" anyways; it's not like the Grand Floridian that's supposed to evoke a specific design era. Of course I have no interest in ever staying at CBR anyways, both because of the Skyliner and because Port Orleans is just a better moderate.

Sir_CliffDec 04, 2022

This is kind of where I am on this refurbishments. The rooms have always been more or less modern hotel rooms with colours and motifs and perhaps some finishings that nod toward the theme. As with a lot of things, I think people have just become attached to the 1990s aesthetic as synonymous with Disney theming because they let it hang around for too long rather than refreshing the resorts more regularly. This room honestly seems like one of the better refurbishments they've done to me. If I look at the interior, the colours and finishings credibly match the exterior theming as a hotel room somewhere in the Caribbean. It also looks clean and modern and has more of a seaside than The Little Mermaid vibe. The more modern aesthetic more generally reads as a lot cleaner to me. If the pirates rooms are what people mean when they say they want more theming in the rooms, then I MUCH prefer the level of theming in these new rooms.

UNCgolfDec 03, 2022

I agree, and that's what I was getting at with more nods to theme in the rooms themselves. A lot of the Disney hotels are themed on the exterior and in the common areas (although they've done some unfortunate stripping there at some resorts), but then the hotel room itself doesn't really look any different than what you'd get at a Marriott. There's a fine line to walk between going too themed to where it makes guests not want to stay in the rooms while still having enough to match the overall resort theme, but I think Disney is too far in the generic direction for most rooms.

GimpYancIentDec 03, 2022

The current trend in refurbing is leaning toward sterile, generic and bland with accents of some sort of theme.