Major multi-year refurbishment of Disney's Beach Club Resort about to begin

Oct 20, 2014 in "Disney's Beach Club Resort"

Posted: Monday October 20, 2014 8:48am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Beach Club Resort is about to undergo a major refurbishment project that will refresh nearly every aspect of the resort.

The extensive refurbishment project will begin in the winter of 2014, and will continue throughout all areas of the resort for approximately 20 months. Along with refurbishing guests rooms, the public areas of the resort will also be remodeled.

The theme will remain the same, but will bring fresh decor to a hotel that has remained largely unchanged since it opened in late 1990.

It is expected that the resort will remain in operation during the work, with affected areas closed off, in a similar way to how the Polynesian Resort is currently operating during its remodel.

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GoofGoofMar 16, 2015

Does anyone know if the refurb for BCV rooms has started yet? Has anyone seen any signs of work?

jerseyDVCClubFeb 12, 2015

Looks like the bridges crossing the lazy river at the Beach and Yacht club resort, Stormalong bay pool are almost done. The bridge decking and railing is complete across the spans. Now they are working on stairs and railings. 82846

Rose&CrownerFeb 04, 2015

That's not what Mim told me.

GoofGoofFeb 04, 2015

The DVC refurb isn't supposed to start until March so most likely your room will not be refurbed unless you happen to get one of the first ones done.

Rose&CrownerFeb 04, 2015

Just call Mim and ask her!

dstrawn9889Feb 03, 2015


bethymouseFeb 03, 2015

Please tell me again when this refurb will be finished? Thanks. Will it be finished by this summer? Thinking about June.

NYwdwfanFeb 03, 2015

Pool lazy river walled off:

Rose&CrownerJan 21, 2015

We'll be there (first time!) in a couple weeks and about three weeks ago we received a letter outlining exactly what areas of stormy (that's what us insiders call it) will be closed. If you haven't gotten one yet you should if it'll be refurbing'ed (more insider talk) during your stay.

jlsHoustonJan 21, 2015

Thanks hopefully lazy river will be back up by early March....

Rescue RangerJan 21, 2015

I'm staying in a studio villa at the end of April....what can I expect? Hopefully the room is nice. I have never stayed in the villas before. And of course if the pool is closed during that time, that would hurt as that was he main reason we're staying there. That and location.

EärendilJan 20, 2015

Man, that look so much better.

NYwdwfanJan 20, 2015

Slide and area it empties into closed thru 2/2 and lazy river closing after that (but I'm not sure for how long).

jlsHoustonJan 20, 2015

Anybody have some info on this?