Disney's All Star Movies Resort to begin major room refurbishments this year

Jan 26, 2018 in "Disney's All Star Movies Resort"

Posted: Friday January 26, 2018 8:49am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's All Star Movies Resort will begin an extensive room refurbishment program beginning February 2018.

The new rooms look strikingly similar to the refurbished rooms at Pop Century, and feature two queen beds, with one being a Murphy bed doubling as a table while in the upright position.

Each room will have large flat screen wall mounted TVs, and USB ports throughout.

The bathroom receives a nice upgrade, with a sliding door between the bed area and the vanity, a mirror with integrated LED lighting, and a sliding glass door for the shower. There is also plenty of shelving in the vanity area, as well as an electronic safe.

The mini fridges, while smaller, are more modern, with a glass door so the contents can easily be seen. There is also a coffee maker that will be standard in the room.

Flooring is vinyl wood plank, with a solid black old style movie camera icon (like the one that appears in the All Star Movies icon) appearing near the doorway on the floor faded into it.

Above the bed, there is pop art of Mickey, Donald and Goofy in their new styles (from the new Mickey Mouse cartoons on Disney Channel).

Following the completion of the All Star Movies update in November 2018, All Star Music will be next, followed by All Star Sports. The look should be the same, but with each resort's logo embedded into the flooring.

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mf1972Oct 03, 2019

i guess it depends on where you are. if you’re by the pool, it’ll probably be noisy. also depends on what kind of neighbors u have

poppinOct 03, 2019

Good to know! I think this would be more fun than a rental house. I like the idea of staying on property and the rooms here have been updated nicely for a value.

PrincessNelly_NJOct 03, 2019

We were facing the pool and the music was kinda of noisy but we never had issues hearing other guest. So as long as your away from the pool, you should be fine.

poppinOct 03, 2019

Not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but how noisey is this resort? (summer months) Is it pretty bad? Debating for a future trip with quite a few people. Either something like this or a rental.

The Lochness MonstaSep 30, 2019

Alright, cool beans. I'd rather it be different, but at least they are redoing them with a new theme. The rugs and couches have been looking faded for quite some time.

MainahmanSep 30, 2019

Were staying at Music in July in a quite. First stay at that resort. Usually stay at POP, but needed more room for a niece and nephew. Hoping that the refurbs of those are done by then.

PrincessNelly_NJSep 30, 2019

yes, they are. The refurb will be pretty much identical to ASMovies with a slightly different color theme.

The Lochness MonstaSep 30, 2019

Are they doing the Suites at Music? I'd love to see what they could come up with for it. For instance I think a Coco themed room would be awesome.

DisneyDreamer08Sep 29, 2019

This is true. Movies is done. Music building 10 is currently closed with construction starting there. AoA is also currently under a smaller refurb. Floors, paint, new pull out couches etc.

toonaspieSep 29, 2019

Another source (you know the one ;)) says that All Star Movies is officially completed and work on All Star Music has now begun.

TARDISSep 29, 2019

Last I saw Fantasia 5 the last building is almost done not open yet. So all open rooms are refurbed now :)

MarkiewongSep 29, 2019

Small bump. I want to send in my room requests soon, does anybody know what the current progress is? Last update I can find is from July where they skipped fantasia 5 and just started on Mighty Duck.

TARDISApr 25, 2019

Haha for sure! Not sure how I found it. They have members constantly updating on which buildings are down for remodel so I started following back when pop started and just kind of stayed lol.

DznyGrlSDApr 25, 2019

Good gravy there's a facebook group for everything isn't there?? ;)