Moonlight Magic returns to Walt Disney World for Disney Vacation Club Members

Feb 16, 2022 in "Disney Vacation Club"

Posted: Wednesday February 16, 2022 1:18pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

DVC Moonlight Magic events are returning to Walt Disney World, where eligible Disney Vacation Club Members can visit a select theme park for a special celebration after the park has closed to the public. Along with lower wait times at the attractions, special entertainment, character appearances, and complimentary treats are also included.

All eligible Members with a Disney Resort hotel reservation on the event date should be on the lookout for an email arriving on February 22, 2022. This email will contain a link to register online for the upcoming EPCOT events in March 2022.

Event registration opens to all eligible Members on March 8, 2022, for the Member plus 4 Guests (pending availability). To register:

  • Visit the DVC Moonlight Magic page and select RSVP Online. Be sure to have your Member number ready.
  • You'll enter a virtual waiting room, which secures your place in line.
  • When it's your turn, you'll be sent to the registration form to sign up for a night of Moonlight Magic.


Event Dates: March 17 2022 and March 31 2022
Registration Window: Eligible Members with a Disney Resort hotel reservation on the event date can register online beginning February 23 2022. Event registration opens to all eligible Members on March 8 2022 (pending availability).

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Event Dates: May 24 2022, June 16 2022 and July 14 2022

Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park

Event Dates: July 26 2022, August 31 2022 and September 28 2022

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JaxFLBearMar 09, 2022

If people cancel, the registration website should reopen so those spots can get filled. The only way to know it to check the site periodically.

Kane_AMar 09, 2022

You showed humility. That’s to be commended more than ever these days. 👏🏻

Kane_AMar 09, 2022

If you’d read further, you’d see they realised they were wrong and now understood the problem.

LuvtheGoofMar 09, 2022

I did retract it later on, as she was right to post it. I just didn't delete my original stupid post.

Club CooloholicMar 09, 2022

Her posting the link and the 10 people who might read it and actually be there during that time really effected your chances? Good lord..

Kane_AMar 09, 2022

So there WERE extra reservations available today and still no one reached out to explain why we’ve been given the cold shoulder for a full fortnight. We did try at 2am our time and missed out, which is fine on its own, but those are tickets that could have been offered to eligible people with existing reservations and who’d voiced their concerns with the flawed system weeks ago. One more thing they’ll be hearing about when we arrive. 😒

cindy_kMar 08, 2022

I don't always get the emails either. I try to keep an eye on the DVC page for these dates. The link for the queue was put on this page this morning. In the past they had put out all the sign up dates out at once. I would go through and add them all as reminders on my calendar. This year, they haven't done that. This is what it currently says for the next 3 events. Disney's Hollywood Studios Event Dates: May 24, 2022, June 16, 2022 and July 14, 2022 Registration Window: Please check back for information about when to register.

RememberWhenMar 08, 2022

When the link comes up for the other parks, could someone post it? I never seem to get the emails.

correcaminosMar 08, 2022

So sorry you missed out.

Chip ChippersonMar 08, 2022

Sorry to hear that. I forget how the Moonlight Magic reservations work. Is there a waitlist for people who missed out? If so, maybe you'll get lucky and be able to get in if others have to change their plans and cancel.

cindy_kMar 08, 2022

I started with a queue number of 570 and managed to get in for the 31st at 11:22am.

correcaminosMar 08, 2022

Not shocked on the 17th. It was sold out on the 23rd as well

monothingieMar 08, 2022

Curious if there is any conflict with the whole "ND" DVC Magic mobile kerfuffle in which non-direct resale buyers grandfathered in before 2016 were incorrectly denied DVC "Blue Card" member benefits.

nickysMar 08, 2022

I feel your pain. ☹️ I never get emails either, but in 11 years we’ve never had a trip planned during a MM event.