New Disney Vacation Club Member lounge to begin construction at Walt Disney World

Jan 02, 2024 in "Disney Vacation Club"

Posted: Tuesday January 2, 2024 10:00am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Construction on a brand-new Disney Vacation Club Member Lounge will begin in 2024 at Walt Disney World.

Disney says the new lounge "will be a great place for members to relax and recharge during their day of fun!"

No other information was given, including its location or opening date. The new lounge will join existing DVC member locations at EPCOT and Bay Lake Tower.

Disney made the announcement in a blog post detailing some of the new additions coming to parks and resorts worldwide in 2024.

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Beacon Joe29 days ago

Well, that stinks. The Disneyland shooting gallery is largely responsible for stoking an interest in one of my favorite hobbies and past times.

nickysApr 02, 2024

Taking this onto the DVC forum instead. The trend of flipping resort rooms to DVC rooms is partly to ensure 95% occupancy of those rooms which were previously under-booked. And partly because the upkeep and upgrades to those rooms, plus part of the general resort running costs are then paid for by DVC members. Even in the case of Riviera, that replaced a section of CBR. The Cabins at FW needed replaced and creating a DVC resort with FW means the costs can then be passed over to DVC. In the case of the Poly, it’s adding capacity to the resort, and more of the running costs will be paid for by the DVC annual dues.

Disstevefan1Apr 02, 2024

It must be a slow removal so no one notices ;) I have with me right now, the toy pistols and toy rifle that were removed from Frontierland long ago.

nickysApr 02, 2024

Buzz, TSMM, everything Star Wars and Fort Langholm still have guns (of sorts). As does Hoop De Doo.

Disstevefan1Apr 02, 2024

This makes sense. DVC is a HUGE money maker for Disney and these loyal folks who are financially committed to WDW should get perks. This also makes sense since they want to erase Frontierland and guns and Walt Disney...

DCBakerApr 02, 2024

News on the new DVC lounge from @wdwmagic:

nickysMar 02, 2024

Confusion already! 🤣🤣

SirwalterraleighMar 02, 2024

And what’s funny is a lot of people would read your comment and think you’re exaggerating for sarcastic effect? …not one bit

Indy_UKMar 02, 2024

Yeah they'll still ship you over there to see the room mockups. This is just to get those who are going to springs for a meal at Chicken Guy to pop in and drop $35,000

SirwalterraleighMar 02, 2024

I wondered the same thing? But the main office is at Saratoga anyway

Indy_UKMar 02, 2024

This isn't confused with the new sales office in Disney Springs is it?

SirwalterraleighMar 02, 2024

It wouldn’t be a place to try to encourage sales…away from parks that do NOT encourage sales…would it? I doubt they’re gonna give out doritos to just anyone…

tissandtullyMar 02, 2024

Interesting, I wonder if they will require you to be staying on points like TOTW or else this will be a locals hangout

ToTBellHopMar 02, 2024

Apparently, this will be at Disney Springs. Ugh.