Disney Vacation Club billboard wrapped in scaffolding for refurbishment

Jul 26, 2022 in "Disney Vacation Club"

Posted: Tuesday July 26, 2022 12:35pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Disney Vacation Club billboard on E Buena Vista Drive just outside EPCOT is under refurbishment.

The red van driven by Goofy has been a roadside landmark for many years, but unlike the recently demolished Tower of Terror billboard, this one looks like it is staying.


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WondersOfLifeAug 09, 2022

The top half was sanded/stripped of paint. Just drove by.

AnteaterAug 01, 2022

If he asks about on your way in next time, just turn and say, "What tower? The one at DHS? Yeah, We're gonna have so much fun... waiting in line"

correcaminosJul 29, 2022

My kid will miss that tower. I haven't told my kid it is gone yet. He remarked in June how he loved it.

MagicHappens1971Jul 29, 2022

I didn't say that. However, everyone has easy access to attraction information via the park map or MDX. Not everyone knows about DVC. You don't need a Tower of Terror billboard by the entrance to DHS. No one is going to miss the 199 foot tall ToT.

correcaminosJul 29, 2022

I remember when they advertised as the best kept secret on a billboard.

nickysJul 29, 2022

But advertising DVC on a billboard absolutely makes sense.

wdwmagicJul 28, 2022

It goes back to the times when people, even those staying on site, were not necessarily going to go to all parks. So it was useful to promote things taking place at the other parks to sell tickets.

larryzJul 28, 2022

It helps build anticipation. Of course, current MBA theory finds no ROI in anticipation, so down they must fall to avoid maintenance and energy costs.

SaucyBoyJul 28, 2022

With this flawed logic, there shouldn't be billboards in my town advertising the local Italian place because people already live here. Or better yet, advertising things to do at the beach because people are already here. How about billboards advertising the newest Broadway shows in NYC?

MagicHappens1971Jul 28, 2022

Personally I think advertising WDW attractions via billboards on WDW roads doesn’t make any sense to me. The only people seeing them are already here.

lazyboy97oJul 28, 2022

This is the type of billboard that should be torn down.

ryguyJul 28, 2022

Thanks for sharing, interesting read. I always thought it was Disney's and they sold it off like they have been doing the last 25 years.

castlecake2.0Jul 28, 2022

That makes sense, I’m just so used to seeing it on the way to work I just feel like it’s been there forever, but would make sense they added it when the new resort area opened

wdwmagicJul 28, 2022

This one is likely funded by DVC, which means it maybe isn't under the same budgetary restrictions as the other signs.