POLL - Most anticipated Disney World addition of 2016

Mar 21, 2016 in "WDWMAGIC Updates"

Posted: Monday March 21, 2016 11:28am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

2016 may not be seeing any major E-Ticket openings, but the line-up of new additions for this year includes Frozen's takeover of the Norway Pavilion at Epcot, new nighttime additions to Disney's Animal Kingdom, the continued expansion of Star Wars at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and the completion of Disney Springs.

What are you most looking forward to this year at Walt Disney World?

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Stefan8Mar 22, 2016

Rivers of Light. Animal Kingdom is by far the park to be most excited about right now.

FigmentForver96Mar 22, 2016

I voted Sorin' only because well I have a soft spot for the ride. I really forward to the changes to the ride. Rivers of Light is another close second.

spectromagic04Mar 22, 2016

I vote $150 dollar up charge events....... just kidding I'm really looking forward to Rivers of Light.

wogwogMar 22, 2016

Home page of WDWMagic.

Castle Cake ApologistMar 22, 2016

I keep seeing people talking about this, but I haven't seen where it started or any details on it. Do tell, please. I voted for nighttime safaris.

wogwogMar 22, 2016

I would use a write-in candidate and vote for Muppet's Courtyard.

AshaNeOmahMar 21, 2016

Tough choice there, but I had to go with the Night Safari. I've basically not seen a single leak as to what's actually going to happen at night so the first time getting to ride will be mostly a surprise. Animal Kingdom has always been a beautiful park after sunset, the few opportunities I've had to see it. Rivers of Light is probably tied right up there too. Honestly, I find myself getting excited for Pandora, the closer it gets. Star Wars Spectacular will be great, but soon overshadowed by Star Wars Land announcements.

JEANYLASERMar 21, 2016

I voted for Frozen ever after because that's what my kids are into but river of lights is a close Second also! I voted for Frozen ever after!:cool:

wdwmagicMar 21, 2016

Go to http://www.wdwmagic.com and head to the "Whats New" section or click on "News" at the top of this screen, and you will see each attraction and when it is opening.

Rachel S1321Mar 21, 2016

Star Wars Galactic Fireworks for me. I'm excited for all but I can't wait to see that!

Bryan SlaterMar 21, 2016

I voted for Frozen ever after because that's what my kids are into but river of lights is a close Second

LiraelMar 21, 2016

With the love for Frozen I see in this forum, I was surprised to see a decent amount of votes for it. Personally Im excited for a lot of that stuff, but RoL the most

Animaniac93-98Mar 21, 2016

Me too. This year there's something new at each of the parks and at Disney Springs that I'm interested in seeing. That doesn't happen every year, and it makes me all the more excited for my fall trip. :)

DManRightHereMar 21, 2016

Even though I find Soarin overrated, I vote soarin.