Support Give Kids The World Village with their new 'Behind The Themes' tour series

May 21, 2018 in "WDWMAGIC Updates"

Posted: Monday May 21, 2018 11:44am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Give Kids The World is introducing the Behind The Themes tour series where you’ll get an exclusive look at the cutting-edge technologies found in Orlando’s theme parks and theme parks around the world.

Discover how your favorite rides are created and built! Explore the artistic and mechanical wizardry behind the most exciting attractions on earth. Behind the Themes is your chance to see first-hand how theme-park magic becomes real!

All ticket sales help Give Kids The World Village provide dream vacations for critically ill children and their families.

Tours have been scheduled at Sally Corporation, Bob’s Space Racers and Skyline Attractions, with more being added in the coming weeks. Each of the tours are $50 and include lunch and an opportunity for a Q&A with the leadership of the companies.

Sally Corporation (June 30th at 10:30am): Founded in 1977, Sally Corporation began as an animatronic production company to help market corporate brands in a unique and entertaining way. Since then, Sally has evolved into the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of animatronics and so-called “dark rides” — indoor rides that carry guests past a series of sets.

Bob’s Space Racers (August 22nd at 10:00am): Bob’s Space Racers offers over 40 years of experience providing games and management services throughout the world. Since 1971, when they developed Whac-A-Mole, Bob’s Space Racers have been creating new and exciting games.

Skyline Attractions (September 15th at 10:00am): Based in Orlando, Skyline Attractions strives to be the premier manufacturer of quality, American-built rides. The company sold its Skywarp, one of the amusement industry's most anticipated new attractions, to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, CA, which is set to open this year as Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster.

To purchase tickets and learn more about the event, please visit

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BoltMay 25, 2018

Looks like they added a tour at Fun Spot in Orlando: Saturday, July 28, 8 a.m. · Fun Spot America 5700 Fun Spot Way, Orlando, FL 32819 Fun Spot America is a group of amusement parks located in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida. Since 1979, the group has owned and operated a number of amusement parks with go-karts, roller coasters, arcades and more. On this exclusive Behind The Themes tour, you’ll get to walk the tracks of Fun Spot’s wooden coaster, explore its go-kart course, and meet the Fun Spot leadership team.

I'mwatchinguWizowskiMay 22, 2018

This is an amazing organization to say the very least. You can also go and volunteer for a day. We would be doing this On one day of vacation but having our youngest who will be 4 at the time he can’t join.

Matthew HiesterMay 21, 2018

I had the great fortune to visit Give Kids the World with an alumni family two years ago. Though we only spent a few hours there I was touched by the amazing service that they provide for kids with chronic illness and their families. When I returned, I learned about GKTW amazing founder Henry Landwirth and his story. I wish I lived nearer as I would love to volunteer there. Wonderful place, wonderful mission. These behind the attractions tours sound amazing and I hope others (ahem... Disney, Universal) also get on board.

danitaytayMay 21, 2018

I think this is so awesome. My cousin was a Make a Wish child over 15 years ago and still talks about her incredible trip with Give Kids the World at WDW. I would do anything to support this organization!

BoltMay 21, 2018

Sally Corporations tour is pretty great.