New filing with the state shows Walt Disney World has laid off 11350 union Cast Members

31 days ago in "The Walt Disney Company"

Disney has made a new filing with the state to confirm that it has laid off 11350 union employees at Walt Disney World.

These lay offs are in addition to the previously impacted non-union employees that totalled around 6700. This puts the total at around 18050 for layoffs so far at Walt Disney World. The remainder of the previously announced 28000 lay offs are expcted to occur at Disneyland.

In the notice filed with the state, the majority are listed as being based directly at Walt Disney World, but several hundred are listed at Maingate Ln and Sherbouth Rd - the center for much of Walt Disney World entertainment. Lay off dates for union Cast Members are effective December 31 2020.

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Article Posted: Oct 30, 2020 / 1:25pm ET
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ParkerLoLs51 minutes ago

Oh, I've been admitting it out loud. But you know, truth is trollism.

Sirwalterraleigh1 hour ago

This is very dangerous in the short term...fatigue/rebellion is gonna cause a lot more economic and public confidence damage in the six months your talking about if you make the assumptions. And this country has proven its selfish...very spoiled and lazy. It will never be admitted out loud...but it can’t honestly be argued.

Goofyernmost1 hour ago

Yes, I went to Walmart today and I saw more noses then I have seen in months.

Goofyernmost1 hour ago

We really need to separate our thoughts from before to the current Covid situation. They were indeed cutting back, but how far they intended to go cannot be judged based on the fact the the damn place in California completely and remains shut down and in Florida was shut down completely for a number of months and still are dealing with reduced admissions and revenue. We will never know how much they planned to cut back. We will know that once the parks are back in full operation and crowds have returned. Then, if they don't call back or replace the Entertainment part, they might well suffer a reduced revenue.. We just don't know. Then it will be up to us to decide if we want to pay the money for reduced service or find another pass time.

macefamily1 hour ago

I really hope some good things happen with the vaccine and some of these numbers can be reduced. We know two young adults who participated in the Disney College Program, and when they graduated they chose to go back and work at Disney. We haven't heard if they were part of the layoff. Praying that they're not.

wannabeBelle1 hour ago

Still the two situations seem pretty incongruous to each other, regardless. I dont know which side of the argument I am on for this as I dont have any children in school, but it just is funny!! Marie

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

It’s Mostly about operations...but it’s a developing situation that’s very tied to the political climate that’s a tough ask

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

New York’s main problem...especially the more working collar childcare. I imagine that’s the issue there?

wannabeBelle2 hours ago

Part of Staten Island in NYC Is in an Orange zone designation due to the spread of Covid but my Mayor wants to open schools for 5 day a week in person learning. Granted public schools have amazingly low rates of the virus and in person school learning is important but the two things happening at the same time is laughable. Marie

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

He’s got a flat head...and will lose his job in 2 years for joining the cult of stupid...

JoeCamel2 hours ago

So Dr. Ron just called people that want to close schools as a measure to slow the spread of covid - and I quote - "Flat Earthers". Doomed, we are doomed.

Disstevefan12 hours ago

I see this tread is tagged “politics” too. At first I thought what has Disney layoffs have to do with politics, but then I thought, COVID = Shutdowns = shareholders = money = politics. Never mind....

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

There not making anything limping along at 30% capacity on weekends from Florida and Georgia residents. That’s not how it works. The gravy train is still stuck in the station

Sirwalterraleigh2 hours ago

1. NBA bubble (shifting revenues to the property that were needed)...though that didn’t require the parks to reopen necessarily 2. The huge number of contracted DVC rooms 3. Wall Street...they couldn’t stay closed as long as the goofy governor screamed “we’re open! We’re open!” That’s just the nuts and bolts of it...but also realize the employees pay was covered by covid relief so they could have stayed closed much more easily and slowed operational losses. But the three conditions above were too much.