Details on 6390 Walt Disney World Cast Member layoffs

Sep 30, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

In further filings with the state of Florida, details of 6390 layoffs are given by Jim Bowden, Vice President Employee Relations.

6246 are listed at Team Disney's address, which are likely operational Cast Members deployed throughout property. 65 are located in Celebration, which serves as office space for much of Walt Disney World's administration, marketing and finance departments. 49 are located at Orlando International Airport, which may include retail and Magical Express. 22 are located at Walt Disney World's creative costuming facility, and finally 8 are listed at a building close to Central Reservations office space.

These layoffs go into effect on December 4 2020, and are part of the non-union employee layoffs that were announced this morning as a total of 6700.

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Article Posted: Sep 30, 2020 / 4:13pm ET
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ParkerLoLs19 days ago

Yeah, it's hysterical @Chef Mickey. A real bundle of laughs, or so I hear. I mean, I'd laugh if I had any empathy left.

LUVMCO19 days ago

It seems to be for some people.

Goofyernmost19 days ago


lazyboy97o19 days ago

I haven’t said anything about banning travel or staying home forever. You’re the one who said travel doesn’t spread the virus and now you are just making other random comments. Something caused the virus to make its way around the world.

TrainChasers19 days ago

Has anyone said it doesn’t?

Chef Mickey19 days ago

I think you can do 2 things at once. Stay home if you're scared to go out. The minority don't get to make decisions for everyone. It's obvious who is at risk. Those are the people that should be controlled against their will if anyone. The rest of us (overwhelming majority) literally have essentially no danger. Besides, we need to work so the government can tax us and give the money to people who don't want to work. Without us, there is no more free money to hand out. It's not like I'm alone. This "greater good" theory is playing out in MOST places. You can scream murder, but states are doing it because it makes the most this point. The chance of stopping the virus is long gone. Now, we are in manage mode.

Chef Mickey19 days ago

Does it necessarily? The issue is far more complicated than banning travel or not banning travel. There are risks to everything. Of course staying home forever would minimize external risks, but there are huge downsides. Life isn't so black and white.

TrainChasers19 days ago

Must be why they have continued working on the parks while it was closed. (Snow White, Mickey’s Runaway, Marvel....)

HauntedPirate19 days ago

Cases in many states, including my own, peaked before the most recent lockdown and business closures orders were issued.

Ldno19 days ago

Sad to say, COVID accelerated businesses and corporations into the future, Disney learned from this, hence the heavy focus to streaming, despite state leadership, Disneyland is not the future of the company but clearly WDW is in money making Recently their park exclusive merchandise dumps on the parks (lightsaber shortages, tiny town collections) everything selling out at 35% capacity is telling me they are testing their waters on how much they can make since they suck at restocking them, a month and a half later everything is still sold out. It’s gotten to the point if you see something you must buy because it’s limited, don’t expect it to last a day or so. Even chasing the famous Tower of terror Minnie ears is impossible after 2 months. I feel these layoffs will be permanent because Disney is now years ahead of what would had happened to the travel industry, less people heading into the parks and more people spending for entertainment at home than going to your local movie theater. It goes back on how they have been releasing “free” movies on Disney +, Artemis fowl, Soul, etc they know they blew it so they released them for free, their investors stream solidified this, less pet projects more money making shows. We were all forced to learn something in this economy to survive, hell I learned CND, CEH and security + courses in the meantime while becoming an e commerce entity on the side, it really is adapt and overcome whatever the costs Hence avoiding the whole COVID debate here versus what works and what doesn’t, it’s safe to say these changes will be forever engrained in our heads with people paranoid of large gatherings wether or not you travel. facemasks is the new normal, this weekend I went into Chuck E. Cheese with my kids, it was deserted but later on it got packed with non mask wearing guests and it does make it uncomfortable, rather than saying something I just left, just imagine this on a bigger scale at a theme park when the masks are gone, vaccine or not, people will still feel uncomfortable.

Lilofan19 days ago

Some furloughed and laid off cast members are savvy enough to advertise their talents for sale with a good amount of customers supporting them in their site - Ear for Each Other.

el_super19 days ago

... well the 28,000 Cast Members are still laid off. What else needs to be said?

Jrb197919 days ago

You know why the virus rages on cause of people. I keep asking this and no one has an answer. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO START BLAMING PEOPLE for the virus raging. We have no one to blame but us for ICUs filling and the Covid spread. I will say this my faith in humanity is nil at this point. Again businesses would be open if us people followed the guidelines. Doing family gatherings and non essential travel is a good part on why cases keep rising.

el_super19 days ago

Only as ridiculous as suggesting that lockdowns don't work. Opening up the economy in a pandemic came with a cost that some don't want to acknowledge: lack of control of the pandemic has caused tourism to crater, even when companies have been allowed to reopen. We are seeing the same thing in Vegas now, where restaurants and resort hotels are being forced to closed due to lack of traffic. Even if you insist on accepting the needless deaths of thousands, from a purely economic perspective, the best solution would have been hard lockdowns long enough to eradicate widespread infection and a plan for contact tracing/control moving forward. This is the same solution many countries have used, to keep the virus in check and reopen their economy. That's the solution that would have helped to build confidence in travel and tourism again, but it wasn't used. By taking the easy way out, ending lockdowns early, and prioritizing the economy, we've created a scenario where people are comfortable going to their local bars and restaurants, but still nervous to travel. A scenario that is specifically damaging to theme parks. They also burn out like many others and stop working. The cost of a nurse has been skyrocketing lately, with some traveling nurses making $10k a week due to the lack of supply. You know who is paying for that? You are. The lockdowns are necessary at the moment to control the ICU population and can be lifted as soon as the health services industry is no longer overwhelmed or forced to pay extravagant overtime penalties to workers. Disneyland can reopen when cases are on the decline, with most of the necessary services (schools, offices, retail) have reopened. No one needs a $20, made in China, plastic popcorn bucket, in the middle of a national emergency. Lockdowns do seem to be working. The latest lockdowns started three weeks ago and as we are now catching up to the lag, there is a noticeable decline in positivity rates: Looking at the chart above, I'd be really curious to know what you think caused the spike in infections from late October onward. Do you think it just takes younger people longer to get infected? Do note though, that the summer increase seen in the chart above corresponds to the relaxation of lockdowns.