PHOTOS - The new Magic of Disney Store in the East Hall at Orlando International Airport

Nov 29, 2019 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Magic of Disney store at Orlando International Airport East Hall
Posted: Friday November 29, 2019 9:14am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's second retail store at Orlando International Airport reopened earlier this week after a major refurbishment.

Located in the East Hall, this store carries the same name as the recently reopened Magic of Disney located in the South Walk area of the Main Terminal.

The exterior features a huge 36ft wide video display highlighting Star Wars Galaxy's Edge with scenes from Batuu. A second video display inside the store shows scenes from the Walt Disney World theme parks.

Like its sister store on the South Walk, the East Hall Magic of Disney carries a variety of theme park inspired products, including a range of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge items and items from Frozen 2.

Both Magic of Disney stores at Orlando International Airport are typically open from 7am to 9pm daily.

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Jon81ukDec 04, 2019

In theory if the merchandise is good enough then that should be what draws your eye.

jbolen2Dec 04, 2019

I was just down for Iaapa, hate I missed seeing it.

Victor KellyDec 03, 2019

Looks like a standard Disney Store to me. Am I missing something?

VJDec 03, 2019

Anyone else surprised it's not a Target?

HauntedPirateDec 03, 2019

So, brighter than the previous store. But otherwise, mostly the same bland store design as other recent retail "renovations". Yes, they threw in some splashes of color to draw your eye, but nothing I'm seeing is even remotely unique, just the same brown/beige/white overall color scheme at a different location. In other words... it met my expectations of what would replace the old location.

McSmoothDec 03, 2019

Yesterday I spent the day at Disney Springs before flying home. What's interesting is that this airport store is the only location (that I know of) that sells some of Black Spire Outpost items outside of Galaxy's Edge. Didn't see any of the BSO items anywhere in Disney Springs.

"El Gran Magnifico"Dec 03, 2019

Is there a Starbucks inside the store? Or attached to it? (Like World of Disney). IMO - Without a Starbucks (other airport/terminal locations don't count) it isn't a "real" Disney store.

RoyWalleyNov 30, 2019

Looks fantastic, thanks for the report

CoolbertNov 29, 2019

. At least it looks better than the other store.

aladdin2007Nov 29, 2019

It looks nice, spaceship earth wall and everything. Now why couldn't they have gone this style route with World of Disney and other locations in the parks and resorts,,,this is at least a little more magical. Instead they go with generic and bland. I just dont understand them.

wdwmagicNov 29, 2019

Think the idea is those areas are full of people!

larryzNov 29, 2019

It looks very airy and open, with clean lines and tasteful shelves. But I'm guessing Bob C hasn't seen this location yet... there's a lot of empty floor space that could be full of t-shirts and other trinkets.