VIDEO - Tour the new Magic of Disney store at Orlando International Airport

Jan 29, 2019 in "The Walt Disney Company"

New Magic of Disney store at Orlando International Airport
Posted: Tuesday January 29, 2019 10:28am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

An all-new Magic of Disney store is now open at Orlando International Airport.

Located in Terminal B, the new Magic of Disney store offers a selection of apparel, accessories, home goods, and theme park gifts including Magic Bands.

The modern design is similar to recent Disney Store redesigns, with a very open design, bright lighting, and minimal clutter. A large video display shows guests views of the theme parks.

The existing Ear Port shop remains open in Terminal A, although it is yet to be updated.

Check out the video below for a walk-through.

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Disney AnalystFeb 01, 2019

Yay for rational reasoning!

ThatMouseFeb 01, 2019

Just like Universal is across the way from EPCOT. :D

IncomudroJan 30, 2019

I'm reminded of the Odd Couple episode when Felix redocorates the apartment in ultra modern while Oscar is out. Oscar dubbs it; "Early Sterille."

seascapeJan 30, 2019

Marvel merchandise can and is sold everywhere and of course has the Marvel logo on it. It is even available at Six Flags parks. The contract with Universal only deals with rides and attractions in parks.

Cmdr_CrimsonJan 30, 2019

Does seem weird now to see a Marvel logo inside the store (when I thought they weren't allowed to do that due to Universal) and you go across the way to see more Marvel merch in the Universal store...

wdwmagicJan 30, 2019

I was going to say something similar. Everything goes around in circles. Eventually we will probably be back to highly themed interiors again.

MinnieWafflesJan 30, 2019

Eh, the clean simplified look, like the 90s over the top one is just a design trend. Who knows what it might be redesigned again 15 years in the future

Casper GutmanJan 30, 2019

Well, I mean, the first Apple Store opened in 2001, so I guess the aesthetic this is ripping off isn’t TECHNICALLY 90s...

Andrew CJan 30, 2019

Who? Where?

FlynnwriterJan 30, 2019

It’s great to see the designers of these stores and executives at consumer products are on this site. Lol

tirianJan 30, 2019

The merch pops out just like at Wal-Mart or Sears.

ThatMouseJan 30, 2019

At least people will stop asking if the store props are for sale? Unless they are in the market for some white drywall.

FlynnwriterJan 30, 2019

This is brilliant - and true. It’s time to mount a campaign!

FlynnwriterJan 30, 2019

Disney has LOST THEIR MIND! This grey, barren store is the opposite of magic. This is all Bob Chapek. This all goes with the new boring hotels, white hotel rooms, and World of Disney store. No theming, minimal architecture, no placemaking, aim low mentality. Worry.