Walt Disney World now accepting reservations from June 1 and later and offers Free Dining Plan

Mar 29, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Sunday March 29, 2020 8:08am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is now accepting reservations at Walt Disney World Resort hotels beginning June 1 2020 and offering a Free Dining Plan.

Disney states that, "For Guests who are interested in modifying their existing travel dates or making a new reservation for a future vacation, reservations are currently available for travel dates June 1 and later. As always, Guests are able to modify these bookings if Walt Disney World Resort opens before or after that time." 

Contact our sponsor Kingdom Konsultant Travel 1-866-566-7858 or vacations@kingdomkonsultant.com to get a quote.

The Free Dining Plan offer is available when you purchase a non-discounted package that includes Theme Parks tickets and accommodations at a select Disney Resort hotel. It is valid for arrivals June 1 - September 30 2020, with booking available though May 31. The offer is valid only for guests who booked a vacation package or room reservation to stay at a Disney Resort hotel during the dates Walt Disney World is closed. Offer not valid for reservations canceled before March 1 2020.

Disney updated its closure status on Friday to "closed until further notice," leaving a lot of flexibility for when the company does decide to reopen the parks and resorts. At this time June 1 appears to be a sensible estimate, but as we have seen throughout the last few weeks of COVID-19, the situation frequently changes.

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DisneyFan323 minutes ago

Hopefully some states like NJ, NY, CT, PA, etc will start losing masks very soon maybe by late summer/early fall...:) WDW/DCL will may lose masks by end of the year or 2022.

sullyinMT3 minutes ago

Would you have been better served by your OB/Midwife/Doula if they would have offered information during pregnancy on why vaccination is important? Perhaps as part of prenatal care, some type of sit-down with a vaccine counselor type that could spend more than five minutes in an alarming YouTube video explaining why your wouldn't be poisoning your child or inviting Autism or whatever other nonsense argument? Reasonable rebuttals take time, because it takes time to give the pharmacology/vaccinology and infectious disease 101 to make a REAL informed decision. If it would have been offered in, say, late T2 or early T3 would it have made a difference? Would it have been a deal breaker or seemed overly aggressive if your provider or birth center of choice wouldn't deliver without completion of a course or counseling? There is so much going through a new parent's head, I wonder if this was a more aggressive part of pregnancy care we might be able to shut some of this anti-vax rhetoric down before it can get it's claws into a new family.

Flugell6 minutes ago

I apologise if I came over as I defensive, that was not my intention at all! I simply thought you were genuinely enquiring so no problems at all. As I’ve said it could well be because I’m in the U.K. which seems very different at the moment to the USA! Would still rather be in Florida though! I also have only been out half a dozen times in the last 14 months because although we are vaccinated my husband is on immunosuppressant medication, normally given to heart transplant patients, for a very rare skin condition and has been told to avoid the unvaccinated at all costs! So I have a very raised level of worry!

DisneyFan3257 minutes ago

Looks like US will may go back to normal by fall or winter as they may lose masks very soon by late summer/fall. I think WDW will go back to normal by November-December when they will do return of Christmas event with no masks and social distancing, 100% capacity, fireworks, shows and more.

BrianLo1 hour ago

Yes, of course. But US demand dropped off earlier than UK and more so Israel. We’ll know very soon either way. Either it stalls or it passes. Several of our health regions are already ahead of the US average and the vaccine isn’t even open to all.

helenabear1 hour ago

No idea. They are quite literally different worlds. I fear India will get a natural herd immunity before vaccination levels are good. I am truly grateful family no longer lives there.

ImperfectPixie1 hour ago

I'm not sure. They're more densely populated that most of the US, and I haven't been following their vaccinations. I do know that the US is sending India some much-needed doses, though.

Parker in NYC1 hour ago

Define normal.

DisneyFan321 hour ago

How long India and Brazil will get all people vaccinated and they will get back to normal?

Parker in NYC1 hour ago

👏👏👏 How any of this argument can still be questioned is beyond me. Folks will continue to pay through the nose no matter what. Consider this post of mine calendared.

helenabear1 hour ago

So I wasn't trying to be mean, honestly. No need to be defensive. If someone is in my face my anxiety goes sky high - not pandemic. I ask people for space kindly all the time. You in my space? I'll say something. That was the only time I told someone repeatedly to mask up or back off. I find it crazy to hunt someone down though and call them out. If they are in your space, feel free to kindly say something. Heck I accidentally got in someone's space at the store and they asked nice to back up. Oops, I did. No big. You made it sound like you think we all should confront everyone. Not cool with that. Since I am wrong on what you meant, I apologize. I still am not sure what is a level to be alarmed about but we're obviously on different levels here. Sorry if I upset you by asking.

ImperfectPixie1 hour ago

No. We're doing very well with vaccinations.

DisneyFan321 hour ago

Will US will have another wave that will be bad like India and Brazil this year by this summer, fall and winter?

ImperfectPixie1 hour ago

I wanted to add that it's very cult-like. They are VERY aggressive in attempting to bring people over to their side and will actively shame new mothers. The even sadder part? It happens in groups for parents of children who have autism, too, because people are still buying into that garbage.