Orange County to reduce physical distancing requirements and plans to eliminate mask mandate - a significant development for Disney World

Apr 28, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday April 28, 2021 11:15am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Following on from yesterday's CDC update on COVID-19, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings is today announcing some significant changes to its face covering executive order.

This development is significant for Walt Disney World theme parks, with Orange County guidelines shaping much of Disney World's COVID-19 response throughout the pandemic.

The changes are described in three distinct phases, which are based on levels of vaccination achieved.

Effective immediately, the order reduces the physical distancing requirement from 6 to 3 feet in all settings, both indoors and outdoors. However, employees working at indoor locations will still be required to wear masks.

When 50% of the population 16+ has been vaccinated, the facial covering mandate will be lifted for all individuals outdoors.

When 70% of the population 16+ has received their first dose of the vaccine and/or Orange County's 14-day rolling positivity rate is 5% or below, all mandates will be lifted.

Jerry Demings was asked about the impact to theme parks, and in response he said that he has been in discussion with the park operators and adjustments will be made. He expects to see capacity increase as a result of the changes.

The Orange County representatives also stated that they expect to see 50% vaccinated within 3 weeks, which will lead to the mask mandate being lifted for people outdoors.

With today's Orange County announcement it is clear that the region is rapidly moving towards a far more normal standard of daily life. The timing is of great value to Disney World as the region approaches the traditional busy summer season.

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wdwmagicApr 14, 2022

This thread is going to take a break for a while until any changes are announced at Disney in regard to the last remaining mask requirements on transport.

Andrew CApr 14, 2022

If we are talking about WDW, put the blame on the company for keeping this silly rule in place. For airplanes, put the blame on the feds. When people realize stupid rules are in place and have no impact, they are going to be challenged. That’s just human nature and the reality throughout history. On the other end, when rules tend to make sense, people are more receptive. WDWs transportation rule is illogical. The feds 14 day extension of the public transportation rule at this point is the same. Expect more push back. It’s all about appearances than anything else and more and more people will pick up on that.

Chip ChippersonApr 14, 2022

No, you're not following the rules. You're planning the mask version of holding your finger an in from your siblings face and saying, "I'm not touching you!" And for the record, on my recent flights, the message was that masks had to be replaced between bites/sips, so unless you plan on holding g a drink to your mouth for the entire flight then you're not following the rules - but if you do that, please report back and let us know of how that worked out for you during turbulence.

Club CooloholicApr 14, 2022

I already explained it. It slows things down and makes it harder for the employees. And some might not really want to sit for 3 hours on a flight next to a guy sipping coffee the whole time.

Nonsensequitter75Apr 14, 2022

I don’t understand why you’re mad at me.

G00fyDadApr 14, 2022

There. Fixed the stupid. Now, go create ANOTHER account for me to ignore. :rolleyes:

Nonsensequitter75Apr 14, 2022

Thanks for understanding

G00fyDadApr 14, 2022


Nonsensequitter75Apr 14, 2022

God bless, but no thank you.

G00fyDadApr 14, 2022

They are flag carriers for the socially inept and the self-important. They have one job here. It's stupid but they're going to do it.

G00fyDadApr 14, 2022

Just go back to your regular account. Please? For everyone.

Nonsensequitter75Apr 14, 2022

What can I say? I’m so lonely at this stage in my life, that the (virtual) company of people who hate me is better than the alternative, which is no company at all.

DisneyCaneApr 14, 2022

Hence why I asked the poster if they were intending to only experience outdoor attractions with outdoor queues. If yes, then I can at least understand their logic. If no, then the obsession about people not masking on transportation doesn't make any sense.

Disney4LyfeApr 14, 2022

What do you mean? Oh, hahah, I get it. The name!