Updated CDC mask guidance may soon begin to pave the way for more relaxing of mask use outdoors at Disney World

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Posted: Tuesday April 27, 2021 12:30pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has today announced new mask guidance to recommend that fully vaccinated people can unmask outdoors if they are walking, running, hiking or biking alone or with members of their household.

However, the CDC is continuing to recommend avoiding large-sized gatherings, and fully vaccinated people should also avoid medium-sized gatherings. For the fully vaccinated who do chose to attend a crowded outdoor event, wearing a mask is still recommended.

In today's guidance, it has also been clarified that fully vaccinated people can also go mask free while dining at an outdoor restaurant with friends from multiple households.

The updated CDC guidance was announced in a briefing by the Whitehouse COVID team a few moments ago. The news was not unexpected, as top advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci hinted over the weekend that the guidance would be updated this week.

The updated CDC mask guidance could begin to pave the way for a further relaxation of mask use at Walt Disney World. Current face covering rules at the Disney theme parks mean that masks must be worn at all times, expect for while eating, drinking and taking photographs while stationary.

Assuming that Disney World theme parks fall under the crowded outdoor event category, the CDC recommendation continues to be masks for both fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people, with those who are vaccinated being designated the safest, and those who are not vaccinated the least safe.

Any updated guidance coming from the CDC is especially significant because Disney has followed CDC guidance from the very first days of the pandemic.

Disney most recently relaxed its mask policy in early April, allowing guests to remove masks to take photographs while stationary. It should also be noted that Disney remains under Orange County mandatory mask usage rules, which Mayor Jerry Demings has said he expects to be lifted in the summer.

There is no update yet from Disney on this latest CDC guidance.

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cjack300zx1 hour ago

I'm not sure but unions are big into safety. My union at my job has pushed for mask wearing early in 2020, they even had a petition to send to the governor of VA for a mask mandate

JusticeDisney1 hour ago

We are going this summer. We will follow whatever rules WDW has in place but, dang, it sure would be nice to not have to wear masks outdoors!

GhostHostLady1 hour ago

And take some of the pressure off the CMs too! Speaking of CMs, wasn't the mask mandate a part of an union agreement originally? Is that still a thing?

helenabear1 hour ago

I agree. I won't lie, the masks I will wear outside now at Disney will be different than what I wore at the height of the pandemic when I was doing work and singing at church. They will be looser and not as well fitting. We will take selfie breaks! I've totally always been about following science. I let the medical staff get the PPE last year while I stayed home waiting on cloth masks to be delivered. I put them on indoors often. We kept holidays remote via zoom. But when it's proven that outdoors is not the problem, I will comply with rules, but not as strict as I would previously. Plus when we go all of us will be vaccinated at some level, including my own kid (likely 1 dose, but that one dose is really good at 85% per studies)

Manny Calavera1 hour ago

Removing the outdoor mask mandate would be AWESOME and I think a LOT of people would have no problem putting on masks indoors.

helenabear1 hour ago

Seeing it in action last year I agree. They made sure people had masks on hand before entering. Then mask up before getting in line or inside. Wasn't hard. I assume Kings Island and Cedar Point can handle it too.

MansionButler842 hours ago

I don’t think it will be that hard for Disney to regulate. People will be used to putting a mask on when entering somewhere and they have a CM at the end of lines anyway.

helenabear2 hours ago

I see that locally with major parks and our zoo. Outdoor mask mandates were lifted today. It was like that for a lot of last summer too. At least this year we'll be vaccinated.

denyuntilcaught3 hours ago

I'm so happy we're on this side of the pandemic. These numbers each day give me so much hope that we'll be out of this soon enough.

bdearl413 hours ago

58.2 is higher than I expected. Sweet!

ifan3 hours ago

Since a few people have stated that country numbers might be a better gauge for Disney World, here are the latest 5/10 CDC numbers for USA: 18+: 58.2% at least first dose Total Population (including those not eligible due to age): 46% at least first dose

The Mom3 hours ago

Posters have been warned that if they continued political/mask debate/covid debates their posts would be removed, and they would no longer be able to participate in the discussion. Some chose to ignore the warnings.

WDWBryan3 hours ago

That hasn’t really changed much here though. I have yet to find a business that doesn’t require them in Orange County. That was a different story in Daytona this weekend though. Apparently demmings has been renewing them every 7 days since that’s what the requirement is now

MansionButler844 hours ago

Disney is not planning to remove the mask mandate all at once. Outdoor will end first. Well, out of queues.