Actors' Equity Association joins the Service Trades Council Union in reaching an agreement with Walt Disney World for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for its members

Aug 25, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Wednesday August 25, 2021 12:09pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has reached an agreement with the Actors' Equity Association to implement mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for performers.

Following the agreement reached with the Service Trades Council Union earlier this week, all Equity Cast Members at Walt Disney World will need to be fully vaccinated by October 22, 2021.

Russell Lehrer, Actors' Equity Association Assistant Eastern Regional Director said, "Actors' Equity Association appreciates Walt Disney World's continued dedication to the safety of its cast members, and their collaborative approach working with unionized employees. Equity agrees with Disney: the science shows that vaccination provides the best protection against severe COVID-19 infection. This policy protects the safety and rights of our cast members under the Walt Disney World policy of mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for all employees."

Equity represents most live entertainment Cast Members who perform at Walt Disney World, including the recently reopened Beauty and The Beast Live on Stage.

As part of the agreement, there is a process for Cast Members to request an accommodation based on medical conditions or sincerely held religious beliefs.

Walt Disney Co. announced on July 30 that it would require all salaried and non-union Cast Members to be vaccinated by September 30, 2021.

Disney continues to host free vaccination events around the Walt Disney World property, making it easy for Cast Members to receive the now fully approved Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine by the agreed deadlines.

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mkt31 days ago

And plenty of CM's that have been recalled aren't coming back because they found better roles. I wonder if this is the right time to try and get Disney to change my rehire status.

John park hopper31 days ago

Disney is having a hard time hiring so let's terminate some more That will be great for guests

CaptainAmerica31 days ago


mkt31 days ago

My friend gave me more details. They're being terminated, but if within an allotted period of time they get vaccinated and provide proof, they'll be reinstated. So far, the CM's my friend has spoken with have no intention of getting vaccinated.

mkt31 days ago

Take with a grain of salt, but I just saw a social media post from a friend who’s a coordinator at Studios. Unvaccinated CMs are being called in to speak with managers. Terminations have begun.

DCBakerOct 13, 2021

Update from the F&B union in Disneyland -

DCBakerSep 14, 2021

lazyboy97oAug 31, 2021

@Victaman Why don’t you actually say something factual instead of breaking forum rules?

HeppenheimerAug 27, 2021

Just to knock this one on the head again (we've mostly been through this point over and over again in the WDW and COVID thread)... Vaccines can very rarely have long term side effects, but the absolute longest latency for them to show up is about 6 weeks in a few extreme cases. The most common side effects occur immediately or a day or two later. The rare autoimmune reactions present a little later, and a few rare cases of Guillan-Barre syndrome that occurred as late as 6 weeks after vaccination were attributed to other non-COVID vaccines for lack of a better culprit. There simply is no feasible biochemical mechanism for a vaccine to provoke a new side effects months or years later, and in practice, they simply aren't observed. The actual physical materials of the vaccine are either completely excreted or broken down into the same basic biochemical building blocks that bathe every cell in our bodies, within days after we receive the injection. A vaccine's enduring effect isn't from the presence of actual physical material injected, but from the army of lymphocyte stem cells that it provokes. If these cells don't cause an autoimmune reaction relatively soon after they mature, they never will. This is completely different from considerations of chronic medication use. With daily medications, the body is exposed to the drug on a continuous basis, and with some, a cumulative dose-dependent toxicity can occur. The antiarrhythmic medication amiodarone is one of the most notorious examples, but we only use this medication when other less toxic medications fail. Even if there was some material in the vaccine that could cause a similar dose-dependent toxicity like with amiodarone, we simply aren't exposed to the ingredients in a vaccine often enough or in sufficient amounts to cause any long-term effect.

G00fyDadAug 26, 2021

I think we all were confused why he did. I just figured he quoted the wrong person. 🤷‍♂️

bq69Aug 26, 2021

I'm confused? Why are you debating my post? I'm 100% for vaccines. I've been vaccinated since Jan. 2021 since I am considered an essential healthcare worker. My wife is vaccinated and so is my 13 yr old son. My daughter would be except she is a bit to young. I think you are arguing against the wrong person and quoted me by mistake. When I quoted you I simply was clarifying that a vaccine is indeed a medication. As a healthcare worker I support the hospital I work for mandating vaccines and if once chooses not to get vaccinated (which is the individuals choice and I acknowledge that, though I may disagree with them) than I agree that the individuals choice comes with consequences. I'm really confused at why you quoted me?

wdwmagicAug 25, 2021

Actors' Equity Association joins the Service Trades Council Union in reaching an agreement with Walt Disney World for mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for its members

bq69Aug 25, 2021

Just clearing up a few misinformed facts. As a practicing Clinical Pharmacist of over 30+ years you are both incorrect in your statements. Vaccines are absolutely medications. By definition from the FDA: (Per the Food and Drug Cosmetic Act Section 201(g)) A drug is defined as: A substance recognized by an official pharmacopoeia or formulary. A substance intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. A substance (other than food) intended to affect the structure or any function of the body. A substance intended for use as a component of a medicine but not a device or a component, part or accessory of a device. Biological products are included within this definition and are generally covered by the same laws and regulations, but differences exist regarding their manufacturing processes (chemical process versus biological process.) This is the very same definition I was taught 30+ years ago in Pharmacy School and it is the very same definition which is still being taught across pharmacy schools and medical schools across the nation. Another useful definition we use in the industry is the following ..... In pharmacology, a drug is a chemical substance, typically of known structure, which, when administered to a living organism, produces a biological effect at the molecular level. A pharmaceutical drug, also called a medication or medicine, is a chemical substance used to treat, cure, prevent, or diagnosis a disease or to promote well-being. We further can go on and define a vaccine as defined by the CDC. Vaccine: A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease Additionally we can classify vaccines as a biopharmaceutical. By definition taught universally, A biopharmaceutical, also known as a biologic(al), medical product or biologic, is any pharmaceutical drug product manufactured in, extracted from, or semisynthesized from biological sources. Different from totally synthesized pharmaceuticals, they include vaccines, whole blood, blood components, allergenics, somatic cells, gene therapies, tissues, recombinant therapeutic protein, and living medicines used in cell therapy. Therefore your statements are incorrect. I hope this information helps clear up any misunderstandings. thanks! :) EDIT .... I forgot to add, medications do not have to be given over and over as you stated in order for it to be defined a medication as you stated. Here in the hospital that I work we give medications x1 dose only many times. Both up on the general nursing floors and in Peri-Op Surgical setting where I have specialized over the past 15 years. We can be correcting anything from electrolyte abnormalities to x1 dose for pre-op antibiotic prophylaxis to x1 dose of using a chemo agent to treat and ectopic pregnancy or x1 dose of a clot busting medication to treat the symptoms of an acute stroke. Again just trying to clear up some misconceptions. thanks. :)

Vegas Disney FanAug 25, 2021

I find it ironic people will say the vaccine isn’t needed because 99.5% of people survive Covid while also trying to justify vaccine hesitancy because of the 1 in a million chance of a side affect. As if a 1 in 200 chance of death is preferable to a 1 in a million chance of a side affect, which is almost always survivable. I know which odds I’d take, and did months ago, in this scenario.