Walt Disney World now hiring for Disney operated quick service restaurants

May 24, 2021 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Monday May 24, 2021 5:22pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Disney careers website is now offering job positions at Walt Disney World theme park restaurants.

Latest job postings are for Cast Members to work full time in Disney World's Food & Beverage quick service restaurants. Food & Beverage Quick Service roles receive a starting rate of $14.00hour.

These postings would now seem to suggest that returning those Cast Members that were previously separated from the company has now reached a conclusion, and Disney now needs to go outside of its existing employee base to fill positions. A return of the Disney College Program in June will likely greatly ease the current labor shortage that is impacting the ability for the opening of more dining locations and to increase operating hours. Disney CEO Bob Chapek has said that 80% of Cast Members who have been asked to return have taken up that offer.

Over the past few months we have numerous recruitment drives for third party restaurant operators at Disney World, including the operating participants EPCOT and Disney Springs.

Here is the Quick Service Restaurant job summary from the Disney careers site:

Food & Beverage Quick Service Restaurant Cast Members are focused on creating a magical and enjoyable dining experience by ensuring the highest standard of Guest Service. Food & Beverage Quick Service Restaurant Cast Members are responsible for working in a fast-paced environment at either indoor counter service or at outdoor vending location taking orders, cash handling, food preparation, stocking condiments, and keeping the work location clean.

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RWilliamsJun 23, 2021

Exactly, without the perks of working there it really becomes just another job. I could work a lot of other places for similar money closer to home with less hassle but I chose Disney so that I could go to the parks and take my family (even if it was only 16 times a year with blackouts). This past year has really made me start making plans to move on from the company. It's just becoming a lot of hassle and stress for not much benefit to me and my family. I'd really like to work somewhere that values me as the hard working and dedicated employee that I am.

cranbizJun 23, 2021

You got that right. While bus driver pay was actually pretty good when I was there, especially for WDW, the main attraction was the maingate pass that had almost no blockouts. The limitations on maingate usage and self admits now it a huge detraction.

SirwalterraleighJun 23, 2021

More than likely…which doesn’t bode well for recruitment

SoFloMagicJun 23, 2021

I get that, but if they're gonna limit "unlimited" platinum passes, they're gonna limit "unlimited" cm passes.

iowamomof4Jun 23, 2021

You are obviously correct, or they wouldn't have to offer such a hiring bonus.

SirwalterraleighJun 23, 2021

Wdw employees by and large aren’t loving the place like tourists. That’s where your comparison to customers falls flat.

SirwalterraleighJun 23, 2021

I’m looking at it from the labor side. Housekeeping was never in demand anyway…it certainly isn’t going to be something people seek out when for the first time in about 50 years the workers are more in demand

SoFloMagicJun 23, 2021

It was a perk and incentive of annual passes too, but that's gone as well. Seems Disney has become too popular for their own good

iowamomof4Jun 23, 2021

I was talking about the guests that want regular service. I realize some people prefer not having a housekeeper in their room daily.

SirwalterraleighJun 23, 2021

They typically have found more value with part timers due to consistency over the years…but they have tinkered with all types at times.

SirwalterraleighJun 23, 2021

Bonus are gone the next morning…raises are forever To what? It’s cute that you believe that’s what any of them want to do…. But those places don’t demand full time, primary work commitment as Disney does almost as a Standard term of employment Part of the appeal of working for Disney was access to the product. It was never about gaining fortune and glory.

cranbizJun 23, 2021

When I was a CM, I also worked FT elsewhere. I gave them Wednesday night, Saturday and Sunday. Casual Temporary is seasonal, Casual Regular is part time and obviously, Full Time is full time.

DznyGrlSDJun 23, 2021

I didn't realize there were 2 different types CT & CR. I work (at home) m-f 8-5 so I can't be "available" 3 days a week but I'd totally do the 150 hours/yr gig

cranbizJun 23, 2021

I thought it was 150 hours a year for CT. CR was 3 days of availability a week.