Theron Skees appointed the creative leader for Disney Cruise Line

Mar 08, 2016 in "The Walt Disney Company"

Posted: Tuesday March 8, 2016 11:43am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Imagineer Theron Skees has been appointed the new portfolio creative lead for the Disney Cruise Line.

Skees has been with WDI for nearly 20 years, and is currently overseeing the transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs at Walt Disney World.

His previous work includes Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland Paris, the hugely successful rework of Tower of Terror into v4 at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and recently working on the opening of Hong Kong Disneyland.

Disney Cruise Line is poised for a period of considerable growth with the recent announcement of two new ships being added to the fleet.

Skees will continue to be the creative lead for Disney Springs alongside his new role at Disney Cruise Line.

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dstrawn9889Mar 09, 2016

about to say Tower v4's moniker was 'the tower is in control' Randomized patterns of drops and lifts have been added, where the ride vehicle will drop or rise various distances at different intervals. Other effects were also added, including new projection images of the breaking window, wind effects, lightning flashes, and ominous bluelit figures of the five ghostly original riders. These changes were made so that each trip on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is a slightly different experience. The ride was reprogrammed most recently in its fourth conversion so that the ride system allows for any number of randomized drops and lifts. When guests enter the drop shaft, a computer randomly chooses one of four drop profiles, one of which is a modified version of the ride's third incarnation. Regardless of the number of randomized drops and lifts, each drop sequence always features one "faux drop" meant to startle the riders, and one complete drop through the entire tower at the speed of 39 mph.

wdwmagicMar 09, 2016

Bit more than that. Skees did the v4 with the new drop profiles that pretty much remade the entire ride experience.

WondersOfLifeMar 09, 2016

BuffaloMar 09, 2016

Well, that's a handy dandy shortcut to get to old news I did not know about. I guess even re-paint jobs need Imagineer direction.

PhotoDave219Mar 09, 2016

Funny you should ask. Have you checked This link may help ->

BuffaloMar 09, 2016

Can someone enlighten me.....what was "v4" at TOT?

ItlngrlBellaMar 08, 2016

If that's he case, may God have mercy upon his soul. :(

the.dreamfinderMar 08, 2016

Overseeing Tokyo Disney Resort.

BoltMar 08, 2016

He was moved to in charge of Hong Kong developments in 2014. Not sure if that's what he's currently doing.

peter11435Mar 08, 2016

What happened to Joe Lanzisero?