Two new ships in development for Disney Cruise Line

Mar 03, 2016 in "Walt Disney World Resorts"

Posted: Thursday March 3, 2016 11:46am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

At today's Walt Disney Company Shareholder meeting, Chairman and CEO Bob Iger announced plans for two new Disney Cruise Line ships.

“We pride ourselves on the unforgettable vacation experiences we deliver to our guests each and every day, and the expansion of our Disney fleet will allow us to create even more magical memories for families at sea and in incredible cruise destinations around the world,” said Iger.

Disney has entered into a memorandum of agreement with Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany to complete the ships for 2021 and 2023.

Both new ships will be larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy, at 135,000 gross tons and 1250 guest rooms. Names and itineraries are still to be determined.

“The expansion of Disney Cruise Line only adds to our excitement for the unprecedented growth taking place across our vacation destinations, from new Star Wars experiences coming to the Walt Disney World and Disneyland resorts to the 25th anniversary of Disneyland Paris and the grand opening of our newest park, Shanghai Disney Resort,” said Bob Chapek, Chairman, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts.

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216bruceSep 05, 2016

My wife and I have been on a bunch of cruises on DCL and also 5 ABD itineraries that had kids along. The kids keep things interesting, are great to talk with and a joy. I'll take it every time over most dinners on DCL where we get seated with just adults and end up talking football, weather, smalltalk, etc. Having good, smart, fun kids around is a LOT of why Disney can be fun. Keeps ya' young!

LongLiveTheKingSep 02, 2016

Also, I'd imagine that the many cleaner organisms are oh so VERY happy for these nice humans on their cruise lines to be dumping their flavorful and decadent waste for them :p

LongLiveTheKingSep 02, 2016

Have ship names been confirmed or a list of new amenities for them been detailed yet?

21stampsAug 30, 2016

Great points! We have a great FB group of people for my upcoming DCL cruise! Even though that's technically still on the internet, a lot of us have become "fb friends" on our personal pages as well. It's neat to see people's posts and family, and the feeling of "real people" that you will meet onboard and will be participating in the FE with. A few of us have even had our boys become pen pals! The group has been incredibly helpful to me (our first time on DCL), and have answered questions with no trace of snark...something that rarely happens on a message There are a few adult only parties traveling, none have complained about children, and most are participating in the FE. The past few days there has been a big thread going on another site-- a poll was posted about kids being allowed in the Haven on NCL. Surprisingly the voting results are almost 50/50!! I was/am shocked.


To be honest on the Internet and on forums you get all types. Genuine, nice people, who help. People with real experience and knowledge. The " Prolific poster" who is on from 5 am to 1am, to ensure their view is followed. The " If I do not know, I will answer by a made up answer" - The " from a bus driver, rumour maker". And The Ones there for effect and seek a response, often will moan to provoke a response. In my experience there are posters, who haven't ever done what they claim to have done, or if they say they cruised a cruise line, it maybe another line or maybe over ten years ago! - yes honestly, it's happening, on the Internet, - I add, not here. In the end, don't take it to heart, the " real" ones with experience often get shouted down by the other negative posters. Take an " average" answer from say ten posters, do not rely on one poster only. Ignore the moans, unless " everyone" moans. Google, and do not over rely on Internet forums. Some direct you by links to other sites, but the information can be old so Google and search for recent information. We had a social media cruise meets for our recent cruises, with hundreds of members, when you know people by real names, and get to know them you get to know, who you can trust, who has real expierances and honest opinions, and anyone being economical with the truth gets found out very quickly. Our groups were wonderful, with honest, loverly real people, some were adults only but choose to cruise DCL.

21stampsAug 30, 2016

Maybe it's because I've been reading so much of it on another cruise line forum the past few days..But.. I am absolutely flabbergasted at the amount of people who complain about children, or want an adult only cruise, on the FAMILY cruise lines. There are several lines who cater to an adult crowd and do not market to or cater towards children. Why not pick one of those, instead of expecting a marketed-to-families cater-to-families line to change their entire business model? If you don't want to cruise with children around, it's quite simple, choose a luxury line.,I'm sure you will be able to count all children on board with 10 fingers or less :)

mikenatcity1Aug 30, 2016

wow! That's great to have had that chance! I'm glad they were flexible rather than cancelling a day in general :)

mikenatcity1Aug 30, 2016

First- i've done 6 Disney cruises, no kids ever... That being said- i've noticed it depends on the ship as to how the kids are. We had horrible luck on the Fantasy, but hardly notice the kids on the Dream (moderate on the Wonder). The Dream seems to be the only ship I noticed where kids really are not allowed on the adult decks (except when the ship launches on embarkation day as this is the best vantage point of the open ocean). We had a cruise where there was a count of only 200 kids on board- shocking for it...but still pleasant (valentines day cruise). I can see your thoughts for an adult-only cruise, I would probably sign up for it to be honest...but then there are kids that make our cruise worth it- the first time they see Mickey, or have a great experience with a character or when Snow White marches them across the stage in The Golden makes me remember what it's like to be a kid again (but then the buffet line ruins it for me!)

EOD K9Aug 30, 2016

Turns out on that cruise we didn't do the photo op. The weather was terrible for our CC day and we turned that into our sea day. We moved our Nassau day to CC and Sea to Nassau. I'd rather skip the photo and hit CC. We were lucky we had that option.

mikenatcity1Aug 30, 2016

I love the photo-op with 2 ships together :) I was in Nassau a couple years ago with the Dream and Wonder were docked next to each other...found out my next cruise they will be again :) It's great to see Old and New next :) It was also awesome to watch the Wonder back out and do a full 180 pivot behind us.

DonfanJul 18, 2016

But the serving facilities are the same (or nearly) on both ship sizes which means there are a lot more people trying to get food from the same-sized facilities causing much longer lines and wait times. And seating in the theaters, while a greater total, also fils up much quicker with the larger passenger sizes on the larger ships. I still prefer the smaller ships with fewer passengers.

ChuckEliasJul 18, 2016

According to Disney Cruise News, the Magic/Wonder seat 977 in the Walt Disney theater while the Dream/Fantasy seat 1340 (and has a balcony on a second deck). The rotational restaurants on the Magic/Wonder seat 471 each; on the Dream/Fantasy, they seat 696 each.

DonfanJul 17, 2016

If you're worried about crowding, go during off season. The best cruise we have been on was the last Mediterranean cruise by the Magic in September one year. The kids were back in school and the crew commented on how few kids there were on the ship. Also, the smaller ships (Magic and Wonder) have pretty much the same size facilities (restaurants, theaters, etc.) but with a lot fewer total people, so you don't spend your time waiting for other people to make up their minds about things.

RalphlawJul 15, 2016

I agree with much of what you have to say. When a child is continually allowed to misbehave, I want to slap the parent. So often, the parents are just lazy people in general. However, once in a while the child is autistic or has some other problem. I sympathize, but it would seem that a cruise line other than Disney might be worth exploring for you. No, other lines aren't the same, but they bring things to the table that you might like. Disney = kids, for good or ill, and harboring a desire to have a kid-free Disney cruise is probably not productive, similar to those people who seem to spend a great deal of time thinking in detail about what they would do if they won millions of dollars in the lottery. To me, a Disney cruise without kids would empty and sterile, and probably not realistic.