Services Trades Council Union releases statement on Disney's plans to layoff 14156 union Cast Members

Oct 07, 2020 in "The Walt Disney Company"

The Services Trades Council Union has today issued a statement on its negotiations with Disney on the layoff process for 5299 full-time and 8857 part-time Disney Cast Members.

These layoffs come in addition to the more than 6000 non-Union Cast Members who have already been subject to layoffs at Walt Disney World. Disney has previously said that it will layoff a total of 28000 Cast Members across its domestic theme parks.

Here is the full statement from STCU.

Service Trades Council Union (STCU) Statement on Disney Negotiations and Agreement October 7, 2020

The Service Trades Council Union (STCU) is comprised of 6 Affiliate Unions representing approximately 43,000 Disney Cast Members.

21,627 Full-Time Cast Members and 3,877 Part-Time have been recalled to their jobs during Disney’s phased reopening.

7,731 Full-Time and 9,106 Part-Time Cast members are currently on furlough status.

On September 29, 2020, Disney notified the STCU that they had made a decision to change the employment status from furlough to layoff for 5,299 Full-Time and 8,857 Part-Time Cast Members.

After several days of negotiations, the STCU is proud to announce that no Full-Time Cast Members will be forced to layoff status.

Additionally, the STCU and the Company have agreed that there will be no permanent layoffs. Any Cast Members who are laid off in the future will retain their employment, their seniority, rate of pay including any scheduled increases, and the right to return back to previous job with the Company until October 1, 2022. This means that all Cast Members represented by the STCU will be given priority to return to their job prior to Disney hiring new employees off the street.

Every Full-Time employee will be given the opportunity, in seniority order, either to return to their previous job if the business need exists or to select a new Full-Time position through a negotiated displacement transfer process. Those selecting a new position, and who do not have the seniority to immediately return to work, will remain on furlough and continue to receive health insurance.

Only those Full-Time employees who do not participate in the displacement transfer process will be converted to layoff status.

Cast Members who are converted to layoff status will be placed on a 60 day pay period using the same formula as was used under our previous MOU when Disney first announced the closure.

We are disappointed to announce that 8,800 Part-Time employees also will be laid off. This is due to the fact that park attendance and resort occupancy have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels and work does not yet exist for these employees. Laid-off Part Time employees will also have a contractual right to be recalled to their old jobs until October 1, 2022.

“These are unprecedented times. It is unfortunate anytime a worker is laid off and the mass layoffs that Disney is facing are extremely difficult for 1000’s of Cast Members. We will continue to do everything we can to ensure their speedy return to work. We are proud to secure healthcare for all Full-Time Cast Members and proud to preserve the seniority and recall rights of every Cast Member under our agreements.

When you compare our strong agreement protections for all STCU Cast Members with what is happening to employees at other theme parks in Central Florida like Universal or Seaworld, there can be no question... the Union made the difference”. – Matt Hollis, President- Service Trades Council Union

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Article Posted: Oct 07, 2020 / 2:35pm ET
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TrainChasers2 hours ago

This. Also, I think several chefs have been laid off or “retired” so I’m sure some of the more complex dishes are first to go off the menu.

legwand772 hours ago

Agree, menu's are primarily streamlined due to cost reduction/food inventory logistics management. It is not a safety move.

LUVMCO3 hours ago

I haven’t seen restaurants anywhere else do this. Also why would you need to get within 2 feet of a person for one item and not another.

FigmentFan821 day ago

A DVD and streaming release is different and they are not one to one. That is not my opinion, it's just a fact. one of my sisters is a professional actress and has been a part of negotatiating new media (streaming) royalty issues. There are TV shows that have been released on DVD and not come to streaming due to music rights issues. Most of the time a piece of content is not wholly owned in the way that the perceived owner can simply due whatever they want with it and not compensate those involved with the production. I'm not giving any benefit of the doubt because I know that these things can be way more complicated than we think. To the content you're referring to, maybe they can put it up on D+ Canada and have simply chosen not to. I know that on the Disney+ subbreddit there are constant updates about certain pieces of content becoming available in different countries. I don't know how/when/why they choose to roll out the content the way they do, I just know there's usually a few more hoops than "upload to Canada"

Brer Oswald1 day ago

These are cartoons and shows that have had official releases in Canada through DVD and VHS. The “parties” that own these are Disney and only Disney. You’re giving them way too much benefit of the doubt on this.

FigmentFan821 day ago

It's not streaming rights as in who get's to stream it, rather if certain parties need to be appropriately compensated via royalties. If the original content was never intended for an international release then they would need to possibly negotiate new agreements for the new territories. I wish it were as simple as someone clicking a box on a computer at Disney+ HQ that says "give Canada access" but it's really not as easy as that.

Brer Oswald1 day ago

It doesn’t seem to be rights issues. There are no alternative streaming rights for these individual cartoons in the country, unlike some movies. What happened seems to be that, when the service first launched, content they consider less of a priority was just left off. But it was never added over time. Every cartoon or Disneyland episode added to the US after launch also came to Canada. There’s no reasonable explanation for it.

FigmentFan821 day ago

That you have to chalk up to simply different regional/country rights issues that I'm not very familiar with any particulars or specifics, but know that, especially with streaming which I still don't think has it's own hard and fast set of rules. My best guess is that initial deals are put in place for distribution within certain regions and that not every piece of content has an international deal in place. I feel ya though, must be frustrating.

Brer Oswald1 day ago

That’s fair. Still doesn’t account for the fact that certain cartoons and specials are only on the US service. I want to watch my favourite Donald cartoon, Modern Inventions. Why I can’t I do that, despite living only 2 hours away from where you can do that?

FigmentFan821 day ago

I don't know if it's a mandate or case by case, but many of the classic Disney films had fresh new restorations for Disney+. I know for a fact that Sword in the Stone is a new and far better restoration than what was released on Blu-Ray, which was hot garbage. Also you can pull great 4K transfers from film, something they weren't doing 18 years ago

Brer Oswald1 day ago

A lot of it was restored 18 years ago. It’s not much of an excuse to hold it back. I understand trickling an episode or two of the Disneyland show, or the old cartoons, once a month. But they aren’t even doing that. And some of the ones available on the US Disney + aren’t available in other English speaking countries, for no reason in particular. It’s just laziness.

Brer Oswald1 day ago

Canada doesn’t even have that. There’s no explanation why.

FigmentFan821 day ago

Like I said, all that requires time and manpower, it's not just "click a button" and poof it's up on the service. Also, and it may or may not apply to some of the very older content, but there are many rights and royalties issues associated with every piece of content that's created. Also, take note of what's been happening during this past year and ask yourself if Disney sees a priority in putting up very old (albeit probably very cool) content or focusing on new original content to lure new subscribers. I love watching the old Disney TV specials and cartoons, but they ain't bringing subscribers to the table. A Marvel TV show will. Regardless of whether you like that or not, it's just facts.

seascape1 day ago

I spoke with a DVC Cast Members this morning and cancelled me December trip to Sarasota Springs. My wife loves that resort as its next to Disney Springs. I changed to Animal Kingdom Savannah View for the last weekend in January. Our points will expire if I can't make it but that is the risk I took in September when I rebooked for December. People who complain about losing points now have no one other than themselves to blame. Anyway, if we get to go I only lose 1 point. Getting back to why I am posting. I have contributed to the Cast Members Pantry and think everyone should but I would like to know is there a fund for Cast Member Housing that has started. I would love to help Cast Members with their rent and or mortgage payments and hope someone can provide a good charity for helping the best employees in the world, Disney Cast Members.