Disney to resume enforcing cancellation policies at Disney World suspended during Storm Nicole

24 days ago in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Friday November 11, 2022 1:43pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has confirmed that it will resume enforcing cancellation policies at Walt Disney World from November 12, 2022.

As Storm Nicole made its way through Central Florida earlier this week, Disney stopped enforcing cancellation policies to allow guests to avoid penalties if they could not travel.

Disney World cancellation policies apply to reservations, including dining, Savi’s Workshop, and Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. Depending on the experience, they can range from $10 to more than $200.

Guests with pre-paid reservations cancelled due to Storm Nicole will be cancelled and refunded to the original form of payment.

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CosmicCarol23 days ago

Thanks! We got a reservation at around 3pm, so worked out well! :)

TrainsOfDisney24 days ago

MK opened at noon - I got on a Disney Springs resort bus at 11:00 to the TTC.

ILoveWDW4ever24 days ago

Ok so you were not here. The weather was FINE.

CntrlFlPete24 days ago

I felt the winds in the area where still kicking until at least 2 PM. I cannot imagine how tough it must be to drive a high profile vehicle such as a bus with those winds and those gusts. I am sort of surprised to hear they had busses running at what noon? I am also certain it must have been tough to get folks into work for many reasons that day.

TrainsOfDisney24 days ago

i waited 40+ minutes for a bus back to Disney Springs. Finally someone else (who had waited longer than me) talked to a driver of another bus and he said he would take us there. I think there was a lack of drivers yesterday, which makes sense. Could be some of the data wasn’t working as well? I know the mobile ordering wasn’t working at the contemporary.

HauntedPirate24 days ago

No. I only watched the radar off and on for hours, tracking the storm as it made its way across Florida, not to mention checking weather stations in and around the property. I'm sure that provided zero pertinent weather information for the area. :rolleyes: I'll bet you would have thought the parks should have been opened the afternoon after Ian came through because, "it looks fine to me, no storm here!". Have a magical day.

ILoveWDW4ever24 days ago

They did not offer anything like this.

ILoveWDW4ever24 days ago

Were you here yesterday?

HauntedPirate24 days ago

I do as well, but you still are out a full-day admission for 6 hours of park time. If they have any semblance of a clue left when it comes to customer service, they would have granted anyone visiting a park yesterday a complimentary park day on the DME account, expiration at the end of 2023. That would have been the old-guard response, because they valued guests. The new guard just sees consumers and wants their money. It costs them nothing to do that, plus they have to book a trip if they want to use it.

MagicHappens197124 days ago

While I agree with what is being said, I highly doubt anyone bought a one day ticket for MK yesterday.

HauntedPirate24 days ago

"There was no storm yesterday" The storm passed through the area in the early morning, but you do you. I was there for Ian, so I have a frame of reference. However, I agree with the sentiment of MK being only open for 6 hours, yet they gladly charged full price. That's criminal, for lack of a better term at the moment.

Goofyernmost25 days ago

It would be just as easy as predicting what you be in the mood to eat 6 months in advance.

ILoveWDW4ever25 days ago

There was no storm yesterday. MK was only open for 6 hours so people went elsewhere.