Heat Advisory Issued for Walt Disney World Theme Parks Area

9 days ago in "Severe Weather impacts to Walt Disney World"

Posted: Monday July 8, 2024 7:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida, has issued a Heat Advisory for all of East Central Florida, which includes the Walt Disney World Theme Parks. The advisory is in effect from 11 am to 6 pm today, July 8, 2024.

The peak heat index values are expected to approach a dangerous range of 106 to 112 degrees. These conditions can pose significant health risks, especially for those spending extended periods outdoors.

For visitors to the Walt Disney World theme parks, plan your day accordingly to ensure safety and comfort where possible:

  • Seek Shade: Take breaks in shaded or air-conditioned areas.
  • Stay Hydrated by drinking plenty of water, using water bottle refill stations, and asking for cups of water at any quick-service restaurant.
  • Adjust Plans: Consider visiting indoor attractions during peak heat hours.

Where To Find Water Bottle Refill Stations At Walt Disney World

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Lilofan7 days ago

Better over hype than not. The prep , the ride out, the aftermath clean up/ repair ( and good luck to try finding an honest contractor to even come close to the price of the insurance estimator to fix your roof, etc ). Natural disasters bring out the worst in some people who prey like leeches to take advantage of many desperate in need post hurricane assistance. Easy to others to critique when one hasn't ridden out a Cat 3/4 hiding with your family in your walk in closet. You've been in Ian so you know the tremendous stress that goes with the impending storm.

HauntedPirate7 days ago

Hurricanes get over-hyped at first, but when one is approaching US soil, it's go time. Having been in Orlando during Ian in 2022, I discovered that things can get ugly in a hurry and you have to be prepared. Florida residents on these forums can probably attest to that.

Disstevefan17 days ago

Just my opinion - Just like with hurricanes, the media likes to play up the heat to get clicks and views.

HauntedPirate7 days ago

I had friends there for the past week and they said the heat wasn't that bad. Coming from MN, where it's been cooler and rainy as hell so far this summer, that says something.

Comped7 days ago

Those poor squirrels, and their ducky friends.

Lilofan7 days ago

Perhaps it’s so hot at WDW that even the squirrels that steal food and get fed by some are feeling the heat and taking a break!

ToTBellHop7 days ago

Lilofan7 days ago

There should be a digital posted sign in a few highways 100 is the temperature , it is NOT the speed limit.

John park hopper9 days ago

It's been just as hot in the past----- example 1949 NYC 105 Remember my mom saying that June was brutal no AC the year I was born

Disstevefan19 days ago

I was amazed to watch roofers in FL working in the summer with THICK SWEATERS ON. It was amazing!!

Lilofan9 days ago

I don't see it often in parks but when my roof got replaced the temps were 95 , probably hotter on the roof. The roofers who were there for 3 days looked like ninjas from head to toe covered in clothing. I actually tried it when I did work when it got hotter in the morning. . It was actually helping me keep somewhat cooler than without it.

GhostHost10009 days ago

True... and many don't know how to manage the heat and themselves. For me my yard still grows, things still need to be done outdoors, people work for paving companies, landscape companies, road construction, and even roofing companies during the summer all over the country. It's hot, but manageable when you approach it right.

Lilofan9 days ago

That's pretty much a trip to the ER if one does yard work in these temps. That's not a laughing matter. I have had a heat stroke before. Guests really need to hydrate throughout the day in these life threatening temps for some if one is going to the parks and spending many hours outdoors.

twilight mitsuk9 days ago

Heat advisory until nov 1st