Disney PhotoPass Service teaming up with Snapchat for augmented reality character experiences

31 days ago in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Thursday May 20, 2021 1:53pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney PhotoPass Service is teaming up with Snapchat to offer guests at Walt Disney World Resort augmented reality experiences to share with friends and family featuring some favorite Disney characters.

Using the Snap app you can snap a selfie with Mickey and Minnie and share with friends and family.

The Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Lenses will be available in the Snapchat app only at Walt Disney World Resort, but to celebrate the launch you can try them at home, anywhere in the U.S. until June 3 2021.

You can see the new lenses in the video above.

Also announced today is a new augmented reality experience for the 50th anniversary, you can learn more about that here.

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Gillyanne30 days ago

I had Snapchat before, never really used it to send stuff, just to keep up with a friend who would send "updates" through it when they were traveling. I just re-installed it on my old phone. When I went to use one of the filters through MDE it mentioned something like "unlock for 48 hours" or "send to friends" (the latter I have none on there) so I held off on trying to play with it for now. Not sure if once you unlock the 48 hours that's it, or if it can be done more than once. I'll maybe pamper myself up this weekend and play with it...

WondersOfLife30 days ago

It's just a camera filter.

Walt d30 days ago

Huh? And you want us to pay for this, how dose this work??

Walt d30 days ago


WondersOfLife30 days ago

That’s a parent problem more than an app problem. Kids can also do that thru text, Skype, facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceTime, and email. And they do. Snapchat is just more popular than those apps. Parents are to blame. Not the app. That’s some boomer logic if I ever heard. Even if you aren’t one. Lol.

DznyGrlSD30 days ago

Supposedly you have to launch it from the MDE app? I've tried and tried by Snapchat won't load via MDE

Joel30 days ago

Let me do it from home and make it look like I'm there and actually happy.

aliceismad30 days ago

So they don't need real character meet and greets or fireworks or parades anymore. Just use augmented reality. Cut way down on overhead costs. Seriously though, I think it's cute.

CaptainAmerica30 days ago

I mean its primary use is for underage kids to send p*rnography to each other, but sure I guess.

HauntedPirate30 days ago

Don’t use Snapchat. But it’s hip with all the kids, so Disney latches into it.

WondersOfLife31 days ago

Y’all it’s just texting with pictures. Lol it’s a lot of fun. I’m excited for this!

raymusiccity31 days ago

I'm joining the gang who can't figure it out. Went to Snapchat......but it's a mystery from that point on! 🤔

DznyGrlSD31 days ago

I'm too dumb for Snapchat - I cant figure it out

monothingie31 days ago

I remember when Disney used to offer real life experiences and immersion in the "magic".