Memory Maker photo package price increases for pre-purchase option

Dec 03, 2014 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Wednesday December 3, 2014 8:42am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The price for pre-purchasing the Memory Maker photo package has increased today from $149 to $169. The non advance purchase pricing remains unchanged at $199.

The PhotoPass Memory Maker package has undergone a number of upgrades over the past few months, including the introduction of onboard ride videos at Tower of Terror and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and the introduction of animated 'Magic shots.'

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BigTxEarsDec 28, 2014

We are sucked into it every trip, Mickey you can get $200 out of me so just do it already! :)

disney4life2008Dec 08, 2014

That is how I feel about my southwest ticket for January - 2 weeks ago the total cost out of Indy was $215 and now it has went up to $260 and rising.

FrostyNaplesDec 08, 2014

It's worth it even @ the $200 mark, if you "use" it. We went for 3 days a week ago, had 242 photo's taken. 85% printable batch. Plus vids, plus magic, plus new animations, and they also include some stock character shots. $20 increase is nothing in the way of a magical day.

WDWFantasmicFanDec 07, 2014

I would definitely still say it's still worth it even at the higher price - especially if you are planning on riding those attractions with on-ride photos and videos. And also if you are going to get your photo taken with the many Photopass photographers... It is a lot of money if you don't make use of it - but a wonderful investment if you do! :)

scoobygirl39541Dec 05, 2014

Yeah, I'm in a similar situation. I never considered getting it before, but I'm taking a friend who's never been (for a 4 day trip) and might be a while before she goes again. So I figured might be a good investment to look into.... but I had an interesting time justifying $149... Now I don't know lol (however, we all know I'll end up getting it because my Disney self control level is zero lol)

Goofnut1980Dec 05, 2014

sounds great! yea.. We have the Uhaul arrive friday 9am! Can't waste any time. I need to get the pictures on the wall and get to the park! How is Sanaa, I have never eaten there. I do enjoy Boma though. I have to say, I prefer Kidani with DVC over Jambo. For some reason, I feel Jambo is much louder than Kidani. Feels home-ier. Well it definitely will after I unpack. ha

Kate AlanDec 04, 2014

Only reason I got it this trip is because my brother hasn't been since middle school and it is the first family vacation we've attempted since my father passed away. The thought of being able to get all the ride photos, plus park photos while everything is all Christmas-y, was too good to pass up even with the increase - otherwise, I wouldn't be doing it for just a 4 day trip. And y'all are making me jealous, I still have 22 days to go! ;)

scoobygirl39541Dec 04, 2014

Aw man, was strongly considering buying this for the February trip.... Now not so sure. Will have to think some more :-/ Also, 7 days for me! :-p

Wngo905Dec 04, 2014

Looks like you'll move in one day before me (or maybe the same day, Saturday.) I'll be living next door in the Villas at Jambo. Hope my moving van does not bother you and we promise to keep it down and be a good neighbor. Eating in Sanaa that night. If you see me (although different then my profile picture with my 51 days of hair growth and a handlebar mustache) and my family, just smile and Wave :happy:!!!

Goofnut1980Dec 04, 2014

While I always buy it for every trip. I may not for the little 4 day trips we take a few times a year. At what point is it a little much... I love the service, but let me just have PP and PP+ back. It was easier cause I never really care about the attraction photos, I just want the regular ones.

Goofnut1980Dec 04, 2014

9 more for me!!!

NYwdwfanDec 03, 2014

Information I could have used YESTERDAY!!

mattdenineDec 03, 2014

Although the price increase does suck I still think MM is a good investment if you are staying multiple days. We got it this year for our 3 day trip and ended up with over 200 photos. And we'll be getting it again for our up coming trip for next October which will be a longer trip 8 days and 5 days at the parks.

Sparky359621Dec 03, 2014

Plus you can add borders and character signatures to the photos.