Tower of Terror debuts new on-board video souvenir with Memory Maker and MagicBands

Aug 12, 2014 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Tuesday August 12, 2014 5:45pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Guests with a MagicBand linked to the Memory Maker photo package will begin receiving a souvenir onboard video at the Tower of Terror.

Beginning today, the Tower of Terror attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios is the first at Walt Disney World to offer on-ride videos as part of the new MyMagic+ system. More attractions are expected to follow, with the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Haunted Mansion strongly tipped to get the on-board photo and video experience.

After riding, those guests with a MagicBand and a linked Memory Maker photo package should expect to see their videos online at My Disney Experience within 24 hours of riding. The video is captured, edited, and uploaded to the guest's My Disney Experience account automatically - all driven from the MagicBand and RFID readers in the attraction.

The on-ride video is not available to any guests not wearing a MagicBand with a linked Memory Maker account.

UPDATE (August 13 2014): Disney has posted a sample of the on-board video. Check it out below.

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GullywhumperSep 16, 2014

Pretty cool. Image if they made an on-ride video for SGE! Bored looking people all around, I bet.

DisneyGigiSep 16, 2014

May have to recheck and see if I just missed it somehow when looking at them. I ordered the disc and it isn't on there but then again I don't think any of the videos were. It was just pictures. Here is the first out 0f 18 videos of our ToT ride... Quite embarrassing but funny. I am not doing this in the rest of them lol. Definitely made for a good laugh if anyone else got this video in their memory maker

oswaldmickeySep 14, 2014

Yeah we got a simple photo of mike peeping in the photo too. 1. We did not ask for this magic moment 2. I'd say this is magical moment for sure as we got a photo of Mike and the video of Mike as well. I only got the photo because there was no line. I did notice on this trip a bunch of photographers just standing around in the middle of nowhere... just completely awkward places on this trip. They were doing either magic moments photos or a surprise character meet n greets. 3. And yes it shows up on our photopass site. That's how we found it. It was a little mpeg file with a blank grey background thumbnail with Tinkerbell in the corner. We got this video on the last day. In retrospect I'd wish I knew about this video. I'd be asking everyone if they could take magical video moments. Might be worth asking if you have trips coming up.

JlasoonSep 14, 2014

Interesting, do you have to ask for this? Is this considered a magic shot? Does it show up on the photo pass website? I kind of want that.

DisneyGigiSep 14, 2014

Oh my gosh that is cute! Wish we would have gotten that. He was in our photos at SSE but we didn't get a video of it.

oswaldmickeySep 14, 2014

Basically Mike Wazowski photo bombing our photo slideshow/video thing... Don't know if this is new or not but we just got back from a trip and I have never seen this magical moment before? Maybe this has been around since Mike Wazowski giant head covered spaceship earth? or older? But I thought I'd share. Either way, if it is new, seems like Disney isn't just thinking about adding on ride videos but other magical moment video / slideshow things around other parts of the park....which will be even more awesome, no?

RSoxNo1Sep 14, 2014

Can you post the Wazowski video?

oswaldmickeySep 12, 2014

Sooo just got back from DW with our memory maker and looking around it we have our video to TOT....Plus....we have a bonus video/slideshow of Mike Wazowski photo bombing us in front of Spaceship Earth in Epcot. Is this news to people or did I miss mentions about other memory maker slideshow/videos besides the on ride one at TOT?

MrNonachoSep 09, 2014

Rode it the other night. Lights were bright enough that I still saw spots several minutes later. Not a fan at all.

ABQSep 09, 2014


chiefs11Sep 09, 2014

Couldn't they just time the flash with a thunder sound effect? then no one would even notice.

boufaSep 09, 2014

I confess, that I actually am not there. I am sharing a photopass account with some friends who are there now. I won't be there until next week. I can definitely see their ride video and still images in the photopass account. So for the purposes of the question I answered I can confirm it is working. As for the bright light... unless they taught cameras to see in the dark, then I would bet 100% that the light is still there. The quality of the video and still is no different than that I saw in the test/early footage. Its one of those things that unless you are looking for it, I doubt you would even notice it. Unless of course you are obsessed with every possible less than 100% how you would do it kind of people, then it is yet another example of the complete incompetence of TDO management, and proves how much better universal is. (Sorry, I'm just getting tired of the same old run around on these forums, everyday I swear I'm going to stop reading, and everyday I come back like a moth to bug zapper... Maybe I just need more bran)

NeXuS1000Sep 09, 2014

I, surprisingly, got both videos and images during my WDW trip in mid August. I didn't notice any bright light whatsoever during the ride, but both times we rode it were during the day, so it may have been less noticeable. What struck me the most as amazing, and a truly great experience, was how the images and videos found their way to my Disney account without me doing anything. This happened with all on-ride photos tbh, but this was by far the most awesome usage of MyMagic+ I experienced during the trip, and quite an impressive technical feat (actually knowing from my wristband that I'm the one being taken a photo/video of right now). I'm impressed.

ABQSep 09, 2014

Can you confirm if the drop is now accompanied by a very distracting bright light as was noted in the videos a while back during, I assume, a testing process? Daytime experiences may not be changed much, but night would be rough.