PhotoPass introduces new animated Magic Shots with Memory Maker package

Nov 07, 2014 in "PhotoPass"

Posted: Friday November 7, 2014 12:41pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's PhotoPass service has introduced a new type of photo available now with the purchase of the Memory Maker package.

Building on the existing Magic Shots, which feature character overlays on your pictures, Magic Shots now expand to include animation, in the form of a video clip.

There are currently four locations setup to produce Magic Shots - Epcot (behind Spaceship Earth), Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Hollywood Boulevard, Epcot at Norway Pavilion, Disney’s Animal Kingdom on the bridge near Expedition Everest.

Guests who have purchased the $199 (or $149 in advance) Memory Maker package will be able to download the videos of the animated Magic Shots.

Check out the videos below for a couple of animated Magic Shot examples.


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NMBC1993Nov 07, 2014 in photography shots. Lol, my mind was thinking of a different kind of magic shots:p Although the kind I'm thinking of would also be profitable to the company as well.

Christine in NJNov 07, 2014

We actually had some of these when we were there in September. At Epcot, Mike W tried to jump into frame in our picture and in DHS Olaf was breakdancing. They're cute. For Epcot, we also had copies of the same pictures with no animation/no character and no animation but with Mike at the bottom of the frame. For DHS we also had stils with Olaf there. Not knowing these existed, I was surprised when I watched them and it made me smile. They're not much use beyond that, but it was fun.

BoltNov 07, 2014

I'll take a bonus feature

Wngo905Nov 07, 2014

Am I going to be the only one that does not like it? It just seems odd to me. The only way I see it working is if you have your pictures run on your computer. However, I am getting the Memory Maker for our upcoming trip and it is easy to ignore, so I will not complain about it if these appear on my account.

RandomPrincessNov 07, 2014

Interesting. I'm sure my kids will love this.