Large increase to Disney Park Pass availability for July as park capacity restrictions fade at Walt Disney World

Jun 16, 2021 in "MyMagic+"

Posted: Wednesday June 16, 2021 12:34pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has significantly added to the Disney Park Pass availability for July 2021 as capacity continues to be raised at Walt Disney World theme parks.

Earlier this morning, July 2021 had many days with limited availability for resort guests and theme park tickets, but as of midday, the availability is 100% across the entire month for all four theme parks. 

Additional availability has also been added for resort guests and theme park tickets during June, with full availability from June 20 at all parks.

Annual Passholder availability has also been refreshed, with full availability at all parks for the entire month of July.

Disney Park Passes will be in high demand in early July as fireworks return to the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. In addition, the parks are now operating with no mask requirements or physical distancing, offering guests a much more normal experience for the summer.

To enter a Disney World theme park, you will need a Disney Park Pass reservation and valid admission for that park—for each day you would like to visit.

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RSoxNo120 hours ago

I do not stay on property, but thank you for the information.

nickys1 day ago

I doubt hopping to Epcot will be a problem. Hopping to MK might be the first time they’ve had to close the park to hoppers. If I was going I wouldn’t be planning to actually be able to ride much.

Tuvalu1 day ago

If you stay on property you can book park passes with your AP for all 8 days.

RSoxNo11 day ago

Some anecdotal things with my most recent trip. Arrived on Tuesday with a four day park hopper. I had an AP that expired in January of 2020 and was told be a travel agent as well as others that if I get the right person at guest services I could upgrade that hopper to an annual pass. I tried at DAK Tuesday morning and was unsuccessful. I tried at MK that night and $700 later I had an AP with the start date of 7/27/2021. The CM also recognized that APs can only have 3 park passes at a time, and I had made 4 (including the day in question). The park pass only gets wiped from the account after all parks have closed for the day, and even then it's about half an hour after that. I had DHS scheduled for the last day of my trip (7/30) and the CM force added an additional park pass reservation for DHS for that day. When I looked at my plans for that day I had two park passes. The only difference appeared to be that the one I booked had the park hours, and the one that the CM booked did not. She did this without my asking and it wasn't something I was aware of. The problem came into play when I decided on 7/29 that I didn't want to go to the Studios the next day, but rather DAK. I couldn't cancel it on the app, the mobile version of the site or on a computer (I had my wife check on a computer). The good thing is, guest services was able to do it without issue. DAK had availability I was just handcuffed by the prior CM being helpful. A friend a met up with on the trip also had a DHS reservation for one of the days but ultimately didn't go into the parks in the morning. He decided to meet up with me at MK at around 4 PM. He also has an AP, and at the front gates they said he had to check in at DHS before going to MK. I recognize what the rules are, but logic should dictate that unless the park is at capacity, your park pass choice should be irrelevant after 2 PM. Lastly, I'm hoping that AP holders are allowed more than 3 park passes at any one time. I believe under Fastpass+ rules, you were able to make 7 days of Fastpasses at any one time. I have a trip planned in a few months that will have 8 park days, and my thinking is that if I'm hamstrung by the 3 day limit I may run into problems. It seems that same day availability at DAK or Epcot has been a non-issue for APs on most days. The biggest concern is DHS with the secondary concern being MK.

DonaldDoleWhip1 day ago

For those planning to be there on 10/1 and 10/2 (thus previously impacted by the tight availability at MK and Epcot), is anyone considering zigging while everyone else zags? Perhaps 10/1 would be an amazing day to book AK or DHS as your park, and if you have a hopper ticket, show up for MK's or Epcot's new spectaculars in the evening. You'd miss out on merch (makes no difference to me) and perhaps a free button or something, but the actual park day might be a pleasure. I'm pretty afraid of what MK will be like at rope drop. Likewise, with Epcot, we'll see if Ratatouille resorts to a virtual queue or not, but for me the real draw would be Harmonious (and evaluating if it was worth destroying the lagoon's sightlines). Can't imagine it'll be impossible to hop to Epcot in the evening. To answer this question myself, originally booked AK for 10/1 but changed to MK when it opened up. Still contemplating changing back. As for 10/2, booked DHS for the headliners but will hop to Epcot in the evening for Harmonious.

JohnD6 days ago

People cancelling because of recent mask news?

DCBaker6 days ago

Park Passes in October have just been replenished for Resort/Ticket guests - Before/After Also replenished for APs -

JohnD12 days ago

Aaaaand, MK is again blocked out for APs on 10/1. But as they say, for me, "In before the lock!"

JohnD12 days ago

Thank you! I now have MK on 10/1 and EP on 10/2. Keeping HS on 10/3. One thing I don't like about it is that you can't immediately switch from your current park if you're trying to change the park. You have to go to your plans, open the details, delete the reservation, go to Theme Park Reservations, THEN choose a different park. That's a lot of steps especially if, in theory, everyone else were changing up their plans. You could risk getting blocked out. Fortunately, that didn't happen with me.

DCBaker12 days ago

The remaining MK Park Passes for October have just been replenished for APs -

JohnD12 days ago

Yeah, I noticed. I see why MK is blocked out over three days -- that's for your three rolling park reservations. I personally have my three over those three days as well but not for MK on the 1st. No, I'm not staying on property.

DCBaker12 days ago

In addition to the above for Resort/Ticket Guests, AP Park Passes have just been replenished for AK/DHS/EPCOT in October. Before/After -

DCBaker12 days ago

Park Passes in October have been replenished for Resort/Ticket guests - Before/After

pdude8120 days ago

They'd lose a lot of ground to Uni if they discontinued AP when they have a third park coming. I'm willing to pay the ransom on fastpasses but not willing to pay for new tickets on each trip if going multiple times a year. Everybody has their line in the sand.