4-day Florida Resident Summer Fun Ticket gets you into the Walt Disney World theme parks for $54 per day

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Posted: Tuesday July 13, 2021 10:18am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Available now for use through September 17 2021, Florida residents can visit the Walt Disney World theme parks for $54 per day (plus tax) with the 4-day Florida Resident Summer Fun Ticket for a total price of $215 plus tax.

You can also choose a Summer Fun Ticket that includes these options:

  • Park Hopper Option gives you the opportunity to visit more than one theme park per day. Add it for $35 more per ticket.

  • Water Park and Sports Option allows you to visit a water park, golf course or miniature golf course on each day of your ticket. Add it for $30 more per ticket.

  • Park Hopper Plus Option grants you the ability to visit more than one theme park per day—plus, enjoy access to a water park, golf course or miniature golf course on each day of your ticket. Add it for $50 more per ticket.

Specially priced two and three-day Florida Resident Summer Fun Tickets are also available.

To enter a park, both a park reservation and valid admission for the same park on the same date are required for guests ages 3 and up.

Tickets can be purchase online now.

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Epcotfan2113 days ago

Question regarding this deal. We're Florida Resident Silver passholders (which are currently blacked out for summer) and have reservations later for 3 days in September. If we purchase the Summer Fun Tickets, we'll be able to make park reservations under these Summer Fun tickets and and they wouldn't have any impact on our park reservations that we've already made in September under our Silver passholder tickets, correct?

Magic Feather19 days ago

While that may be roughly the number (I honestly don’t know what the current number is), things are no longer done by percentages. Now it varies park to park, and is largely dependent on offerings and ability to handle crowds.

socaljoeyb20 days ago

I wonder if they might create a membership program that has access to DL and WDW but with blockout days for each depending on level. It could drive incremental resort bookings from DL fans in CA and would work for DVCers.

jmp8520 days ago

As a non-local (6 hour drive), Florida resident, I wouldn't mind. We could do two separate 5 day (4 park day) trips for $432/person. Not bad at all, but I'd probably be upset if I lived closer.

WDWMP720 days ago

Looks like a way to try and get a few more people in the parks instead of waiting til the 50th starts. Fill the gap in reservations.

mysto20 days ago

Could this be the replacement for AP? I know some of you were speculating that it's a stopgap, but what if they just keep doing this?

note200120 days ago

I don't understand why they wouldn't want to sell new APs. They're allowing renewals. AP holders are known to come and spend money on food, particularly at F&W. Is it because they get more money out of day pass tickets and the parks are filling as is?

Tamandua20 days ago

Maybe they want to relaunch Disneyland and WDW APs at the same time to relaunch the Premiere passport.

Tamandua20 days ago

My thoughts exactly.

socaljoeyb20 days ago

I think they are doing this to push back opening AP sales. Same at DL.

RJ980420 days ago

Does this mean that everyone can now get 4 park pass reservations instead of just 3 ??

TalkingHead20 days ago

No guarantee of a ride on the newest E-ticket. No sale.

DznyGrlSD20 days ago

Parks are 75% capacity last I heard

note200120 days ago

I don't mind them increasing attendance for the day IF they'd bring back the fastpasses as they were. Also not a fan of after hours on days that will be packed. Just keep the parks open until midnight.