Walt Disney World theme park ticket price increases go into effect today

Mar 12, 2019 in "Ticket - Magic Your Way Ticket"

Posted: Tuesday March 12, 2019 9:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World theme park ticket price increases have gone into effect today, mainly impacting date-based ticketing and water parks.

Date-based Theme Park Tickets, Multi-day theme park tickets, Water Park Annual Passes have all seen price changes. For example, a 1 day base ticket between Christmas Day and New Year's Eve (one of the busiest weeks of the year), is now $159. A 4 day base theme park ticket in the summer (with a starting date of July 4), has seen an increase of $9 per day.

Walt Disney World introduced a more flexible ticket model last October, where prices vary by the date a guest chooses to visit. This date-based ticket and pricing model helps to spread attendance throughout the year. Ticket prices are higher during peak periods (i.e. Christmas, summer, spring break), while off-peak periods with less demand are priced lower.

A single day ticket, in the lowest priced date range, remains unchanged at $109.

The water park Annual Pass has increased by $9 from $130 to $139.

Annual Passes for the main parks have not changed pricing.

Standard parking remains unchanged, but preferred parking now has two tiers. In regular season, preferred parking is $45, and peak tier preferred parking is $50 per day. Preferred parking was previously a flat rate of $50.

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ThistleMaeMar 22, 2019

Hope this isn't true...for now...still lovin' it!

erasure fan1Mar 22, 2019

It would seem so. But as of now we have no clue as to what the breaking point is. Erosion tends to go un-noticed until there is a landslide.

disneyfiremanMar 22, 2019

Exactly. I first went as an adult in 1992. Disneyland. I was 22. I’m now 48. Middle class and WDW or DLR is incredibly affordable. I don’t hardly ever do deluxe resorts simply because we aren’t in the resort much. No hoppers. Anywhere we would want to vacation will be $$. If not,you get what you pay for. If I want cheap... well goto the fair. Lol

disneyfiremanMar 22, 2019

For all the Debbie downers that complain about prices. Or don’t go. There will always be someone else to replace them. Disney has absolutely zero worries concerning attendance.

ThistleMaeMar 22, 2019

Absolutely agree with this. New generations are accustomed to today's prices. They aren't comparing what the cost used to be, they are just planning their vacations according to the current trends. And yes, I'm sure there are lots of non-Disney fans out there, but the crowds just continue to demonstrate Disney's popularity.

eliza61nycMar 22, 2019

And remember perspective is every thing. I think here people are inclined to compare Disney prices to what they were back in the day. but as more and more of these folks fade away, that perspective is going to fade with them. Consumers are more and more going to compare it to other family vacation venues. Today's kids are use to seeing drink prices at 4 bucks a pop, they are use to dropping 100 bucks on an entertainment venue. They are looking at cruises and all inclusive and seeing prices just as bad. just my take

ThistleMaeMar 22, 2019

There just may be an infinite pool of Disney Guests...new generations are continually being born. And to me, there is no better vacation...but I am on the Disney boards...and yes, I'm a super fan. I have a friend, who says to me, "really you like Disney? I thought Bush Garden's was so much better. All I did in Disney was wait in lines." Obviously, it wasn't magic for her. But I think there's enough Magic to last for many generations to come, even with the price hikes.

eliza61nycMar 22, 2019

Actually there really is almost an endless supply of guest. people keep having babies. Disney's marketing geniuses have already pretty much ingrain in parents mind that they have to take their kids to Disney at least once in their lives. It's the same mentality they have with their dvd's. You ever notice that they will "re release" something from the "vault"?? because there is always a new generation of youngin's who haven't seen Alladin, a new generation of princesses. Couple that with our love affair with the word "sale". lol, if attendance drops to some point where the bean counters aren't happy, disney will pull out the ole "special". This is just me, but I think it will take a hard tank in the economy for folks to stop going. Now I don't know if people charge their vacations or not but as long as folks feel good about the economy, feel good that their jobs are secure, then they are going to vacation. My subset (end of the baby boomers, grandparents, heading into retirement) especially are feeling pretty decent. we've had almost 10 years of full steam ahead on our 401K's, we're pretty ok with social security and we like our grandkids more than we like our kids. ;):eek:

drizgirlMar 22, 2019

And where are those guests now? What's stopping them from going already?

HauntedPirateMar 22, 2019

What many find funny, including myself, is that the people who say things like "someone else will replace you" seem to think there is an infinite pool of potential Disney guests. Keep raising prices and you'll eventually find that isn't true.

erasure fan1Mar 22, 2019

Oh I get it and that's fine by me. We all have our breaking point.

disneyfiremanMar 21, 2019

Agreed. Where there is a will there is a way.

ThistleMaeMar 21, 2019

I have relatives, who are definitely closer to the poverty level vs middle class. But they have a butt load of kids and get back thousands on their income tax and spend it all on a Disney Vacation. Others in this situation may pay bills, but I think many folks, who live by meager means, get a chance to do something fun or buy something special, that's often what they spend their money on.

matt9112Mar 21, 2019

i went when i was nine. family saved for years...no yacht club for me.