Western Way to be extended through Flamingo Crossings to Route 545

Aug 24, 2016 in "Flamingo Crossings"

Posted: Wednesday August 24, 2016 8:42am EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Plans have been filed for an extension of Western Way to Route 545 Avalon Road.

The four lane road will join the existing Western Way at Flamingo Crossings, just beyond the intersection with SR 429, and will pass through Flamingo Crossings, connecting to Avalon Road 545.

Western Way was built as a new western entrance to the Walt Disney World Resort, entering property near to Disney's Coronado Springs Resort.

Flamingo Crossings recently opened SpringHill Suites and TownePlace Suites Hotels, but has so far not been able to attract tenants to become the lodging and retail district that Disney had originally planned.

Thanks to danlb_2000 on the WDWMAGIC forums for spotting the permit.


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Monorail_Red_77Jul 19, 2019

I wonder if Disney Transport will shuttle CP CM's around or if Trans Dev will pickup this contract also for moving CP CM's from housing to work. In this case It is a bit different since CP Housing will be on property as opposed to currently off property at Little Lk Bryant area. Last year or so I see TransStar contract was turned over to TransDev.

HauntedMansionFLAJul 19, 2019

Wow!! Thanks!!

danlb_2000Jul 19, 2019

2614 units between the two projects.

HauntedMansionFLAJul 19, 2019

Does anyone know how much CP housing is going in?????

danlb_2000Jul 18, 2019

There are two sections of housing, Flamingo Crossing East (which is currently under construction), and Flamingo Crossing West which is the one I just mentioned. I believe both are going to be employee housing.

skelmJul 18, 2019

Yeah, it is and it is already pretty far along. This is a new section that they started clearing about a month ago.

peter11435Jul 18, 2019

I believe the CM housing is going into the parcel on the bottom right.

NthderivativeJul 18, 2019

http://www.ocpafl.org/searches/ParcelSearch.aspx?PID=272421000000061 The land has the property use code of 1003, which is for apartment complexes. This must be the new college housing.

danlb_2000Jul 18, 2019

More CM housing. https://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/flamingo-crossings-housing.949725/post-8567331

skelmJul 18, 2019

So I hate to keep reviving an old thread. But I live very close to Western Way and drive on it all the time. Anyone know what is going on in this area circled on this picture? Over the past month they have cleared it of all trees. Today I drove by and they are scraping the ground flat. Seems like a lot of work if nothing is going there.

wdwmagicMay 08, 2019

I didn't see anyone else mention it, so maybe it was news to some 🤷🏻‍♂️

skelmMay 08, 2019

Welcome to two weeks ago! :D

Rose&CrownMay 07, 2019

Love it. I really enjoy these hotels because they’re off the beaten path and are quiet. Nice fire pit for the winter. But seems like that’ll be changing rapidly.

NthderivativeMay 07, 2019

Walgreens owns a corner plot on Western Way, with speedway across the street: Parcel Record