D23 postpones 2020 Destination D event at Walt Disney World

Jun 26, 2020 in "D23 - Official Fan Organization"

D23, the official Disney fan club has announced that it will postpone its"Destination D: Fantastic Worlds" event until 2021.

The event was due to take place in November at Walt Disney World, and will now move to the following year at a date still to be announced. D23 said that it will continue to host exclusive virtual events throughout 2020.

"Destination D: Fantastic Worlds" was to honor Disney’s many magical places, from the extraordinary to the fantastical. In addition, the Walt Disney Archives planned an all-new exhibit to include 50 iconic treasures, representing the 50 years of the Archives.

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Article Posted: Jun 26, 2020 / 2:09pm ET
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mnelson3Oct 01, 2020

Ok wasn’t sure.

SpectroBroOct 01, 2020

Tickets never went on sale.

mnelson3Oct 01, 2020

If Destination D does indeed get moved to 2021 like they had said. Does anyone know if tickets to that event were previously sold out? Although at this point I could see them turning it into a virtual event.

disney4life2008Jun 27, 2020

Finally some good news.

mnelson3Jun 27, 2020

Just as well. Realistically under the circumstances they wouldn’t have been able to announce much. They need time to re-evaluate projects. The unfortunate part is many were hopeing for 50th Anniversary announcements.

asianwayJun 27, 2020

Are they going to axe the expo? While they’re at it just shut the whole thing down

BrowncatPJun 26, 2020

Sad to read the news, but not surprised. Glad the event is still planned for a future date.

the.dreamfinderJun 26, 2020


doctornickMay 24, 2020

@marni1971 confirmed recently (if I understood him) that there was a competition between DHS (Indiana Jones ride) and DAK/Epcot (Jungle Book ride) to get dibs on the Shanghai POTC tech and the winner was... no one, as it was deemed too costly. And we guests sadly get nothing. I really hope this isn't like LPS trackless where the domestic parks don't get a new tech for many years after it was developed.

WEDway Inc & Company LLCMay 23, 2020

You’re thinking of the Jungle Book ride at Animal Kingdom or EPCOT.

mnelson3May 23, 2020

Wondering that to.

TjadenMay 22, 2020

You are a man/woman of science and knowledge.

jpedenMay 22, 2020

Wasn’t there discussion a while back that a ride using the Shanghai pirates system was being pitched for WDW? And then I seem to remember that getting shelved.