Disney now offers dedicated support for passholders as part of its new V.I.PASSHOLDER program

Sep 07, 2018 in "Ticket - Platinum Pass Annual Pass"

Posted: Friday September 7, 2018 8:54am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is continuing to improve its offerings for Annual Passholders at Walt Disney World with the addition of a new dedicated passholder support service.

V.I.PASSHOLDER Support allows passholders to get in touch via phone, online chat or email for help with all aspects of Annual Pass usage.

Passholders can call 407-WDW-PASS (407-939-7277) between 7am and 11pm daily. During the same hours, online chat can be accessed at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/passholder-program/, and finally an email form can be found at https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/help/email/annual-passholder/.

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Brad BishopSep 09, 2018

It's a non-perk perk. No one wants to call customer service any longer. Most of us avoid it like the plague and do everything we can to resolve our issues: - on the website - via chat - email (starting to get toward the bottom of the barrel - voice (bottom of the barrel) I don't want to speak to someone. I want to push a button in an app. Further, if I do "fall through the cracks" on some request/issue and really do have to call, I want the person on the phone to be able to handle my issue (which is rare). Anyway, you basically have CSRs / call centers looking for something to do these days so they become "specialized" and are now "perks".

RadeksgrlSep 09, 2018


s8film40Sep 09, 2018

I think what they really mean by this is they now have a dedicated number for Passholders so that they can identify you as your calling and prioritize their "real customers" ahead of Passholders.

RadeksgrlSep 09, 2018

Since silver and weekday passholders are excluded from VIPassholder events (just like I was excluded from Pandora passholder preview event last year, and just like I was also excluded from TSL early morning passholder event this month), are they going to hang up on us lower-tiered passholders if we call this phone number???

Kman101Sep 08, 2018

lol. Nailed it. I want to appreciate what they do but it seems so ... minimal. Whats with their sudden interest in passholders? I mean the "entrance" is nice enough, the hotline is fine, Extra Magic Hours aren't inclusive of all (and I saw TSL was dead for the previews - why weren't all included again?) ... it's a bizarre mix. And making guests show up four times for a cutting board? Who comes up with these things?

ryguySep 08, 2018

Holy vague! No clue what I am getting here, maybe that's the point. :bored:

"El Gran Magnifico"Sep 08, 2018

This is a "perk". So when the price increases they'll tout: "But look at all the benefits...you even get your own very special "hotline"". Which will go something like this: "Sir, are you a DVC member?, How about a Tables in Wonderland member? Have you tried any of our hard ticket events? They're really very "magical". Luckily for you we're running a special promotion today........" - Yeah, I get all that, but I was only calling to confirm my room reservation. "Well I'm so happy you called today....we also have a special resort promotion and can upgrade your room for only $109 a night"..........

"El Gran Magnifico"Sep 08, 2018

Great! An express checkout line....to help me spend my money faster. Wonder how these up-sells will work. I agree with @Sirwalterraleigh - If you want to treat me like a VIP Annual Passholder, at least give me a Disney Gift Card on my birthday ($25 like Landry's does). How 'bout some type of loyalty program - Like spend $10,000 and get at $2 off coupon for Yachtsman. After all - It is the thought that counts

celluloidSep 08, 2018

The cynical side of me says another focus to confuse guests and poor agents at the DRC and to make sure that the sales goals can be the metrics they hope for.

SSHSep 07, 2018

:hilarious::hilarious::hilarious: I vote this best post of the thread so far.

joelkflaSep 07, 2018

This dedicated number is nothing new; it's been around for years. It just goes to Disney Reservations.

disney4life2008Sep 07, 2018

I know someone who lives in Orlando who is going to Epcot every day this week just to get a cutting board lol.

disney4life2008Sep 07, 2018

Dedicated lol. This is garbage. Its the same cm who will just get routed with ap calls. I am going to call and inquire why I have not received any information about vip events via email lol

SirwalterraleighSep 07, 2018

The only “dedicated” support I look for are significant discounts on passes... ...they can keep their magnets and exclusive events 😉