Multiple dates sell out in rapid succession for Disney Jollywood Nights at Walt Disney World

Nov 29, 2023 in "Disney Jollywood Nights"

Disney Jollywood Nights opening night
Posted: Wednesday November 29, 2023 6:45am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Only two dates remain available for the 2023 Disney Jollywood Nights at Disney's Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World.


November 29, December 4, and December 6 all reached capacity overnight, leaving only two remaining dates - December 16 and 20, with both nights priced at $169.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party sold out of tickets overnight, so demand for the final two dates of Disney Hollywood Nights will likely increase. If you plan to attend, buy tickets soon, as the last dates will likely sell out soon.

Read our review of Disney Jollywood Nights, and details of changes made since the opening night which we reviewed.

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bmr15916 days ago

Money. They want money. It’s really not complex. They had more than that available during regular hours, but you’re correct there was much more available at parties. Unfortunately for those not wishing to attend, special food items is a big selling point for many to come to the parties, especially to those who’ve attended in the past. With that said, every resort and park had holiday food offerings available that didn’t require you to go to a party. Could they do more? Sure, but it’s not like they do nothing. The real tragedy last year was the Jollywood shows not becoming normal park experiences after the final parties were done, like the Christmas parade does.

Dr.GrantSeeker6 days ago

I know Epcot has FotH, which I do enjoy. But MK I recall only had like 1 or 2 holiday treat options this past year and studios was similar. Just shame that we have to buy a party ticket to be able to choose from and purchase a normal selection of holiday treats that should be for sale durning the day.

Cmdr_Crimson6 days ago

So, what's from them changing this to just a non ticketed event..It's ridiculous.

bmr15916 days ago

Yes. Each park had themed snacks for Christmas and EPCOT has a whole festival.

Dr.GrantSeeker6 days ago

Agree. Do any of the parks even have holiday treats or snacks to purchase during normal operating hours? I cant recall many options the last few years though I could be mistaken. Half the reason we won't go during the holidays anymore since its all behind a paywall.

gerarar6 days ago

Even if they didn't want to put up the temporary screens, the Fantasmic! billboard screen is there all year round, just covered by a tarp. Very weird they didn't even utilize it one bit after investing into upgrading it a couple years ago..

wdwmagic6 days ago

It was easy to forget it was there. No video screens in 2023, and most people seemed to just be largely ignoring it.

wdwmagic6 days ago

After the first night, guest ratings improved to the point where it was deemed worth giving it another go in 2024 - with some changes.

jrhwdw6 days ago

Is this worth bringing back? It got so much bad PR.... Wouldn't it be more effective to return Castle Dreamlights?? Returning Jollywood better not affect Future Projects!

jrhwdw6 days ago

Sunset Seasons Greetings was not behind a Paywall!

bmr15917 days ago

Good. My wife and I did the Christmas party last year and wanted to do Jollywood, but decided it simply wasn't made for us (adults who don't drink). I'm hoping the offering is significantly better this year so we can enjoy it.

wdwmagic7 days ago

It will very likely receive a significant upgrade.

aladdin20077 days ago

For a park that has one of the better decor packages in general, why they stripped the brown derby of anything quite a few years ago is beyond me. But then most of the dining locations property wide now they don't do anymore. :banghead: Brown Derby use to be beautiful at Christmas.

C33Mom7 days ago

I’d like to see Jollywood Nights (ok, a slightly more polished version of Jollywood Nights) come to DCA. They can probably charge more and sell it out in California (despite the rocky launch back east last year), there’s more attractions and space to spread out events/waits/queues, and they’re already moving towards an EPCOT style near constant festival of festival booths and presumably making a lot on “seasonal” F&B and merch.