Changes to Star Wars Rise of the Resistance Queue For 2024 Disney Jollywood Nights

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Posted: Monday June 24, 2024 11:53am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios will change the Star Wars Rise of the Resistance queue process for the 2024 Disney Jollywood Nights event nights.

Last year, a virtual queue was used during Jollywood Nights, and this year, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance will feature a traditional standby line.

Notably, this means that partygoers in 2024 will not be limited to one visit to Star Wars Rise of the Resistance during the event, and the additional hour at this year's event means multiple rides are a real possibility.

For 2024, Disney Jollywood Nights takes place from 7:30 pm to 12:30 am. Ticketholders will be admitted to Disney's Hollywood Studios as early as 6:00 pm on the valid date of their ticket. These date-specific event tickets do not require an additional day theme park ticket or theme park reservation.

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C33Mom13 days ago

Has anyone heard anything more about the skating show?

DCBaker13 days ago

It does - Disney says the showtime on event nights will be at 6:30pm.

MotherofaPrincessLover13 days ago

Does Fantasmic! show on party nights?

Rhinocerous21 days ago

I am now being told that they do, in fact, make Minnie headbands for just anybody.

Rhinocerous21 days ago

Absent? Absent? My friend, I think you missed the exclusive new merchandise offerings. They don't make Minnie headbands for just anybody.

Magicart8721 days ago

And absent from the list, Ollie. again.

bmr159121 days ago

Maybe I read it incorrectly, but I thought they would be wearing roller skates, but acting like they were ice skating.

C33Mom21 days ago

I see I’m in the minority amongst Disney Parks fans, but as a huge figure skating fan I’m extremely curious about the skating show and will fork over money for tickets for an event I was planning to skip if either (a) they actually bring in big name “international champions” like they’ve claimed OR the show features actual elite level skating. It sounds like it’s going to be outdoor, so I would expect plastic ice, which (unless Disney has superior technology to any fake ice I’ve ever skated on) is really not safe for more than Disney on Ice grade jumps and spins (that is, basic to intermediate level).

neo99995522 days ago

So strange to me that they don't replicate this for Jollywood. But glad they've added a little more time at least. I really enjoy the MK Halloween and Christmas parties, but this still feels like not worth it to me.

monothingie22 days ago

Good. It was never more than a 10 minute wait during after hours. Slinky seemed like it always was where the waits were.

Club Cooloholic22 days ago

Ok, still not as good a value. 6 hours is hard to pack in rides, shows and characters. MK is giving guest 2 more hours.

DCBaker22 days ago

One more note: Disney has confirmed Rise of the Resistance will go back to a traditional standby queue instead of a Virtual Queue.

DCBaker22 days ago

Guests can enter Hollywood Studios as early as 6pm this year.

Club Cooloholic22 days ago

From what I read about last year, this one didn't let guests in as early as the MK Christmas party. I don't think guests could get into it until 7 as opposed to 4 for that different this year?