More dates announced for 'Disney After Hours' at the Magic Kingdom

Sep 06, 2018 in "Disney After Hours"

Posted: Thursday September 6, 2018 9:06am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom's ticketed event, 'Disney After Hours' will continue into the winter of 2018 and into 2019, with dates available from December 3 2018 to March 7 2019.

Like before, the event gives guests extra time in the park to enjoy attractions after regular park closing.

The new dates are:

December 3 2018: 10pm - 1am
December 10 2018: 10pm - 1am
January 7 2019: 8pm - 11pm
January 17 2019: 8pm - 11pm
January 24 2019: 8pm - 11pm
January 28 2019: 8pm - 11pm
February 7 2019: 8pm - 11pm
February 28 2019: 8pm - 11pm
February 14 2019: 9pm - 12am
March 7 2019: 9pm - 12am 

Disney After Hours at the Magic Kingdom tickets get you into the park from 7pm, with the event taking place from regular park close for three hours. 'Disney After Hours' includes complimentary ice cream novelties and beverages.

The cost has risen by $6, and is now $125 plus tax for ages 3+ with advance purchase, or $129 for day of. Passholders and DVC can get a discounted rate. Theme park admission is not required.

Extra Magic Hours for Disney resort hotel guests are not impacted by this event, with Disney After Hours taking place on non-EMH nights.

You can call 407-827-7185 to book tickets or go online.

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po1998Nov 11, 2019


larryzNov 11, 2019

Hope so, before the Battlestar Touristica opens and they block out SW:GE for their premium crowd...

NoChesterHesterNov 10, 2019

Any word on if they will start to offer Hollywood Studios again?

ncgator77Nov 10, 2019

Sorry if this was covered before, but thinking of doing an AK After Hours in January. The park closes at 8pm and the event starts at 9pm. I know you can arrive at 7, but are things open between 8-9? Also, given the limited number of attractions, do you really need to arrive much before 9? Thanks!

Texas84Nov 08, 2019

Just signed up for my second AK event in December. My only complaint was no 'free' stuff in Pandora. Had to leave to find anything.

AugieMoroscoNov 08, 2019

I've never done one - on principle. If I ever do try it, it will be INSTEAD of buying a regular pass. So if I'm ever in town for a couple of days maybe I'll buy a night pass for MK instead of buying an all-day pass to the parks. (Gone are the days where I always have an Annual Pass :(.) We took our first WDW trip this past summer and opted to do the Toy Story EMM. I felt it was worth the cost. Followed the strategy and waited to do SDD until the line died down, then were able to ride it I believe 6 straight times. Also got a head start to RNR, so that was like a bonus fastpass. We are going back in July and want to do an after hours, but would prefer DHS as the park for it. Not sure how that'll work or if it will be offered because of SWGE. We considered just doing the after hours and not doing a park ticket for that day, but our trip will be 9 days. Knocking off a day from the park tickets is like next to nothing in savings.

thecouchNov 05, 2019

I'm thinking of same thing with just me and my 15yo son next year for a run weekend trip . I wasn't impressed with epcot early this year and would probably only enjoy it if it was just me and my wife so skipping it wouldn't bother me. I'm hopping for a after hour Hollywood studios. Then will just do the 3 after hour events and get a annual water park pass and spend days there after sleep ins

pax_65Nov 05, 2019

The truly ironic part is that Disney helped generate the demand for these events by "creating" longer standby lines (both through the impact of FP+ and with shorter park hours - especially fewer late nights at MK, and fewer evening EMHs). So when you spend so much of your day in lines, it's not surprising that a nighttime ticketed event promising to reduce lines would be popular. I've never done one - on principle. If I ever do try it, it will be INSTEAD of buying a regular pass. So if I'm ever in town for a couple of days maybe I'll buy a night pass for MK instead of buying an all-day pass to the parks. (Gone are the days where I always have an Annual Pass :(.)

xdan0920Nov 05, 2019

When they used to run Fantasmic 2x a night, you never had to wait 2 hours for a seat. That wasn’t efficient though. After all, sometimes the 2nd show was only 7/8ths full.

TouchdownNov 05, 2019

I remember waiting 2 hours for a good seat to Fantasmic, I would much rather show up 15 min before to a great seat and get a decent meal at Mama Melrose. Ditto for Rivers of Life.

GhostHost1000Nov 05, 2019

remember when all these "extra" hours that are a separate ticketed "event" (I use that term loosely) was at one time free and available to anyone who stayed on property? remember when anyone could get good seats at shows without paying extra for their dinner package? remember when Disney was more about the guest experience and wasn't trying to make a $ off of anything they possibly can? aw....those were the days

Goofnut1980Nov 04, 2019

However on those rides with less of a wait, they add an overlay, or just turn off the lights (I'm talkin' about you Space Mountain) and the line was over an hour and a half when I was there in June. That is literally half of the event. If you want it dark, just close your eyes on a regular day.. lol

RaveOnEdNov 04, 2019

Thank you for this information! I may get the AK tickets for one of the dates we're there in May as a Christmas present for my wife (she loves AK, and loves the Avatar area - didn't have time to do FoP last year!) But this, as well as experiencing an After Hours event for the first time, would be really nice.

homerdanceNov 04, 2019

We did this at MK earlier this year and mostly it was ok. Having done both holiday parties before I wasn't a big fan of this "light" version of them. The wait times we experienced for everything except the Seven Dwarfs were manageable. But the mine train wait time never went under 40 minutes, and from what we could tell from the people who were leaving, 40 minutes was under reported. Seemed to me that the park without M&G, entertainment, fireworks, and parades aren't nearly as magical as a normal day. I wouldn't do it again for the price again, $20 bucks less i would consider it, but not for the current $100+. I would also say you can come very close to getting the same rides done with a well planned FP+/ride strategy. Side note, it was amazing to see how many people where going around to each of the "free" food and beverage places to get all the free drinks they could. I saw on scooter that was full of water bottles. Crazy. She had to have spent a least an hour collecting these as there was a limit to the number of water bottles given at each station.