Newly refurbished Wolfgang Puck Express opens

Mar 16, 2008 in "Wolfgang Puck Express - Marketplace"

Posted: Sunday March 16, 2008 by WDWMAGIC Staff
The new Wolfgang Puck Express opened yesterday to unveil it's new look and new menu. The restaurant now features expanded seating, both indoors and outdoors, and all new decor (including some arty pictures of Spaceship earth and the Tree of Life!).

The format remains similar, in that you place your order at a register, pay for the food, and are then given a numbered sign. However, at this point, it then differs from the previous setup. A waiter greets you, and personally takes you to a table for your party size. The waiter takes away your table number sign, and brings you any fountain beverages, and later, your food. The same waiter remains assigned to you, and brings any refills etc during your meal. The restaurant is now more table service than it was previously, but still retains similar pricing, and the walk-up convenience of counter service.

The restaurant is a considerable improvement over it's previous version, the new decor is excellent, the food as always, is top notch, and once again it becomes one of the best dining locations at Downtown Disney.

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