Wolfgang Puck Express and the Disney Ticket Center at Disney Springs reopen

Jul 17, 2020 in "Wolfgang Puck Express - Marketplace"

Two more locations have reopened at Disney Springs as the phased reopening continues.

The Disney Ticket Center in the Town Center is back open and offering assistance with Disney theme park ticket purchases and upgrades. You can find it next to Blaze Pizza.

Over in the Marketplace near to Days of Christmas, Wolfgang Puck Express has reopened with operating hours of 11am to 8pm daily.

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Article Posted: Jul 17, 2020 / 3:06pm ET
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disneygeek902 days ago

Drove over tonight hoping to grab a bite to eat and its packed. Seems like it’s been at capacity for a few hours. Tons of cars driving around the area and police blocking the garages.

Lora Baines Bradley9 days ago

I was going to go last night around 8 PM but they were at capacity. Realized I didn’t want to go if they were even close to being at capacity, lol

MisterPenguin18 days ago

Whoops. Forgot about that. Yeah, Disney's enforcing their own capacity limits.

chama118 days ago

Thanks....I'll just get there a little earlier then usual....if that's the only parking we can use it will reach it's car limitation quicker, with this mandate lifted....

techgeek18 days ago

Slight clarification there, per the Governor’s executive order from a few days ago, there are no longer state mandates on any retail or restaurant. Disney as property owner is continuing to mandate capacity requirements, temp screening, and mask usage and there have been no major changes to the way the Springs has been operating since reopening. I was there for lunch yesterday, crowds were sparse at noon but slowly building through the early afternoon. When we arrived at 11:30 only the Orange garage was open.

MisterPenguin18 days ago

Not likely. Parking is how they purposefully limit attendance. Disney doesn't want packed walkways. And the stores and restaurant are also at a state-mandated reduced capacity limiting the number of people. Opening up new parking would just add long lines outside all the businesses.

chama118 days ago

Since Disney Springs is now fully open, I think, and the crowds are getting larger, during the weekend....will there be more parking areas?

note2001Sep 16, 2020

Oh thank God the Margarita stand is open. Something to keep Auntie Tillie occupied while we raid the World of Disney for all the new Wishables, leaving no bag unsqueezed.

djkidkazSep 16, 2020

Wondering the same? @wdwmagic

RSoxNo1Sep 16, 2020

I had this opening June 10th, closing June 27th when the bar mandate came in and re-opening today. Is that correct?

DznyGrlSDSep 16, 2020

Anyone have a list of what's still closed? I'm just wondering.