Tony's Town Square Restaurant introduces new Main Street Electrical Parade viewing package

Jun 06, 2016 in "Tony's Town Square Restaurant"

Posted: Monday June 6, 2016 4:08pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Tony's Town Square Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom is offering a new Main Street Electrical Parade dining package.

Beginning June 7 2016, the dining package offers a three course lunch along with reserved viewing for the Main Street Electrical Parade. (View the Tony's Town Square menu)

Included is a choice of appetizer, entree, dessert and beverage, for the fixed priced of $45 for adults, and $17 for ages 3-9, plus tax and gratuity. It is also available on the Disney Dining Plan for one table service entitlement.

Viewing for the parade is on Main Street U.S.A. in the hub near the flagpole.

Reservations begin June 7 2016 online or at 407-WDW-DINE.

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Gabe1Jun 13, 2016

In fairness the $45 does include an appetizer, entree, dessert and beverage. I pulled up the new menu as of February. That Spaghetti is $18.99 now. But looking at the choices for an appetizer and dessert offerings I'm not impressed, standard staples. Zucchini fries??? Wonder how many you get for $8.49 or how good the gelato $5.49 or chocolate cake $6.49 is. And yes. We have a very good but simple Pizza Pub here that creates some of the best pasta I've ever had, the family is from Italy. With salad $8.99. Place is always packed. If I am doing Italian at WDW and paying WDW prices I'm eating at Tutto Italia Ristorante that is a real Italian Menu.

Gabe1Jun 13, 2016

Over the years I've hid at Tony's from the rain. Unknown meat is a perfect description, at best IMO we're up to $2.50.

bethymouseJun 12, 2016

We had reservations at 8:50 just before the parade ( June 7). I didn't realize there was an upcharge for this dining package! We sat inside in the "patio" room. Our server was wonderful! The food was actually decent. But, there was a waitress/server monitoring people telling them that they couldn't get up out of their seat to take a picture, nor could they get up to look/watch the parade! Now I understand why... but it is sad really. You used to be able to just "request" the patio room to watch the parade.:( The most expensive menu item is the NY Strip Steak at $32.99, so I guess perhaps it might be worth the 45$. I might do it if I was on the dining plan, but still...:banghead:

ford91exploderJun 12, 2016

At my local family run italian joint a similar plate is 10.99 including a salad for an appetizer

RSoxNo1Jun 12, 2016

The meat is the only unknown on the plate. Everything else is probably around $2

Gabe1Jun 12, 2016

I'm thinking you are being overly generous (understatement) with a food cost of $8. Maybe this will send more unsuspecting guests to Tony's and leave me some empty seats at Teppan Edo. :hungry:

RSoxNo1Jun 12, 2016

Even if those meatballs are made out of Grade A meat, you're probably looking at a food cost of less than $8

Gabe1Jun 12, 2016

Oy. $45? This is the photo the official Disney Parks Blog posted, Doesn't look horrible but certainly doesn't scream this is so worth $45.

CommunicoreJun 09, 2016

LOL they meant Disney's Electrical Parade, of course!

Kylo KenJun 08, 2016

Disney, a business, is doing everything they can to grab every $$$$ they can. This is not surprising at all. If Disney could, they would charge you for the air you breathe while on their properties. Shameful.

BaconJun 08, 2016

GhostHost1000Jun 08, 2016

Here is another thing that is becoming ridiculous. If you want to view some of the night shows in a good location you have to basically pay for your seat (pay more for the same food at a restaurant that would be cheaper without the seating package). Fantasmic dining package area pretty much takes up the entire center now. Now something like the candlelight processional I can understand somewhat due to the rarity of this event but these other things that are nightly....just another way to charge for something else we shouldn't have to pay for

mrsWarren14Jun 08, 2016

This is kinda stupid. I mean I get the idea behind it but like some of you had said it would make more sense if the parade that you were getting a spot reserved for was a new parade. But I do like Tony's and I have made reservations for lunch here before and watched the Festival of Fantasy's Parade, which in my opinion is the better parade. But hey this could mean that a new nighttime parade is coming! One could only wish, am I right?

xdan0920Jun 08, 2016

FastPass lunch package. Book your lunch at The Plaza $39.95pp and receive an additional 2 FP+ to use at the Magic Kingdom(FP option Excludes BTMRR, Splash, Space, Pan and 7DMT) come experience the magic!