Alcohol comes to more Magic Kingdom table service restaurants

Dec 16, 2016 in "Magic Kingdom"

Posted: Friday December 16, 2016 10:09am EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Magic Kingdom is expanding the availability of alcoholic beverages at the park's table service restaurants.

Be Our Guest Restaurant was the first to offer alcohol when it opened in 2012, and now wine and beer will be available at Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, Jungle Cruise Skipper Canteen and the Liberty Tree Tavern.

In addition, Cinderella’s Royal Table will be adding Champagne and sparkling wines.

Alcoholic beverages will be coming to the restaurants just in-time for Christmas, with December 23 2016 scheduled for their introduction.

The Magic Kingdom has been the last alcohol hold-out at Walt Disney World, with the other parks offering alcohol at most locations.

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I am TimmyJan 14, 2017

You had me at "nuts to butts".

ford91exploderJan 13, 2017

It's a really good book it also covers urban explorations of Horizons and the MK utilidors.

ford91exploderJan 13, 2017

Let's see EPCOT is known as Drunkytown during festival weekends with ORGANIZED binge drinking, HS (or the shade Thereof) is so uncrowded I've personally never seen an issue with alcohol same is true with AK, MK with nuts to butts crowding during much of the year totally different story, WHEN the OUTDOOR alcohol sales begin it should be most interesting as the brawls begin. As I've said before I have no problem with alcohol sales at TS venues I even consider that a win as a I like a glass of wine or beer with my meal (depending on type of meal) heck during marathon weekend watched the fireworks from the TOTWL on BLT with a couple of mixed drinks. That said outdoor sales is a recipe for disaster. There indeed was a reason Walt did not want alcohol sold in the park and to this day why many State and County agricultural fairs are 'dry' even to this day. it's simply to avoid the issues that the minority of people who cannot drink responsibly cause.

Princess LeiaJan 13, 2017

If there was an award for best reference, you would win :hilarious:

Tony the TiggerJan 13, 2017

No kids! So what else is new? ;)

I am TimmyJan 13, 2017

I'm so sorry. Maybe your sweet six year old didn't notice? Just tell them they were wrestling.

I am TimmyJan 13, 2017

If it's a larger group of young adults splitting the cost, not so crazy. Waayyy too expensive for my budget.

I am TimmyJan 13, 2017

Guess I'm buying a new book!

EwizaboofJan 13, 2017

Can I just end this argument by reminding you all that epcot and HS have sold booze for years now?

21stampsJan 13, 2017

It was me and my 6 year old sitting on the bench.

I am TimmyJan 13, 2017

OMG. Please tell me you did not have kids with you. Not exactly a kid movie, but you never know. Also, thank you for sharing that, I am not alone in the world!

I am TimmyJan 13, 2017

I hope you are right, and they are out of the way. It's not like any parkgoer will stumble across them. Also, what a lovely holiday story! Hope your kids weren't with you! Thank you for sharing it, though. People come in all kinds, don't they?

beertikiJan 13, 2017

Did the "cheap" hotel with an old GF years ago. No longer on my list, and now that I am happily married, no need for a hooker. I guarantee there has been some action in those cabanas, Disney should have known there would be, and it's only a matter of time before there is an embarrassing situation.

GoofyernmostJan 12, 2017

A hooker and a cheap hotel would be a whole lot less money.