Main Street Electrical Parade dining package replaced with Festival of Fantasy dining

Sep 12, 2016 in "Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade"

Posted: Monday September 12, 2016 3:37pm EDT by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney is replacing the Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package with Festival of Fantasy dining.

Beginning October 10 2016, the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade Dining Package will offer a prix fixe lunch at Tony's Town Square Restaurant and reserved viewing for the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. Pricing is $45 for adults and $17 for ages 3-9.

At Tony's Town Square, there is a choice of appetizer, entrée, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage from the lunch menu. As part of the package, a voucher will be issued for reserved viewing near the flagpole in Town Square on Main Street U.S.A.

Reservations for the new festival of Fantasy Dining Package will be available for booking on September 13 via 407-WDW-DINE.

The Main Street Electrical Parade Dining Package will end on October 9 when the parade ends its run at the Magic Kingdom.

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matt9112Sep 17, 2016

im not one to often call WDW magic harsh but.....this is harsh.

matt9112Sep 17, 2016

still got some weak water screens.....i really hope they replace alot of those component's so regular winds can be overcome.....if the show comes of not now is just meh they already dropped the ball so bad....

peter11435Sep 17, 2016

Weird. Are you sure you were wearing a magic band that is linked to your account. I've never had it not work on any attraction. How old is your magic band?

Next Big ThingSep 17, 2016

Yeah, I don't like that. It only seems to have worked a few of the times i've been on SDMT and the one time I went on FEA it didn't work either.

King Racoon 77Sep 17, 2016

You do realise that a lot of people would have read 'Automagically' in Goofys voice :hilarious:

Next Big ThingSep 17, 2016

Where do you get the picture/video from SDMT? There's no photo location when you get off the ride.

HauntedMansionFLASep 17, 2016

Thanks - we haven't been to WDW for a couple of years and it would be nice to have some action pictures. Thanks for sharing your useful information. I always pay attention when you post something.

ToTBellHopSep 17, 2016

Yes--we have Annual Passes.

HauntedMansionFLASep 17, 2016

Great picture! Was the picture part of the PhotoPass / Memory Maker that Disney offers?

COProgressFanSep 16, 2016

The video, while very short, is also pretty cool.

RSoxNo1Sep 16, 2016

I don't know that it's been acknowledged anywhere, but the on ride photo quality for Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is probably the best of any attraction.

SordicamposSep 16, 2016

Ninjaprincesst, last year it was my partner's first trip and I wanted it to be perfect. I booked many table service restaurants, like Californian Grill and Jiko. It was great and we had a good time, but when we got home and I asked him about the restaurants he liked the most and would like to experience again, do you think he mentioned any of the places I was looking forward to showing him? any of the expensive restaurants? Nope! The things he loved the most were basically from quick service, like the coconut meatball from the Polynesian and the fish and chips from Epcot. lol Our favorite memories from the trip and the special moments we had were not necessarily linked to specific rides and shows. Most of the magical moments, the ones that will be forever in our memories happened when we were interacting with some great cast members, the fun conversations we had with other people in line, the details we noticed together, the walk we had from Wilderness Lodge to Fort Wilderness. We always remember when we decided to walk from Hollywood Studios to Epcot instead of taking the boat. We remember the conversation we had and the plans we made during that walk. We remember the little girl in front of us when we were riding It's a Small World asking everybody to sing along. lol We remember when we got drenched riding Kali River Rapid. We laughed so much and had so much fun. We were kids again and we rode it again! We didn't talk about the lack of theming, the broken effects or how short the ride is. It didn't matter. We had fun! We had so much fun doing that together. We always talk about a great skipper we had at Jungle Cruise and how much we laughed. We always talk about the boat ride from Disney Springs to Port Orleans Riverside and then sitting on a bench watching the boats down the Sassagoula River. I never thought we would have that much fun in the wave pool at Typhoon Lagoon. We always talk about that day. The spontaneous moments usually are the ones that we end up enjoying the most. Rides are fun, parades are beautiful, shows are great, but they are not everything and missing some of them won't ruin a trip. Especially when you are with someone going for the first time. It's so magical watching the joy of a person experiencing Disney for the first time. It's so overwhelming and new that everything you said before and the expectations before the trip won't matter that much. Your boyfriend will experience things his way. He won't think about a specific show or parade. Only if you keep reminding him of what he is missing. He will be experiencing so many new things. Enjoy that. Enjoy yourselves together. Have fun together. You will have a great trip!

COProgressFanSep 16, 2016

For the same reason anyone "hates on" any chain restaurant. None of those places are generally known for having the best food, the service is usually inconsistent, and the dishes often are bland or just feel like they're reheated or mass produced. You'll usually get much better food from a more authentic local place, wherever you go. (And this would apply to steakhouses, Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.) There are regional differences and tastes as well: I can find a dozen excellent Italian places within a 15 minute drive of my house, but it takes a bit more effort to find great Mexican. The pros of chains like Olive Garden places are that the food is usually plentiful (you leave feeling full), and prices are usually decent. You generally know what you're going to get, even if it's not really memorable in any way. The problem with a place like Tony's is they serve Olive Garden food at grossly inflated prices.

HauntedPirateSep 15, 2016

No OG hate here. :) We really like their Alfredo sauce (and bread sticks, salads, and soups). I've just not been impressed, at all, by the offerings at Tony's. Maybe they've improved over the past 15-18 months, but eating there in June 2015 it was sub-par, especially for the price.