PizzeRizzo returns to operating status during ABC Commissary refurbishment

Apr 18, 2019 in "PizzeRizzo"

Posted: Thursday April 18, 2019 1:57pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

PizzeRizzo at Disney's Hollywoods Studios will reopen for business on May 4 2019 after being closed since late October 2018.

Taking over the former Pizza Planet location, PizzeRizzo opened in November 2016 as part of a reworked Muppets Courtyard. With much of that side of the park closed as part of the Star Wars redevelopment, guest numbers in the restaurant have been low, and the restaurant was already operating at heavily reduced hours prior to its closure.

The park's main quick service restaurant, the ABC Commissary is closed during May 2019 for refurbishment, and it appears PizzeRizzo is being brought back to restore some of the lost dining capacity.

Operating hours are from 11am to near to park close on most days during May.

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Kman101Apr 24, 2019

It's definitely been off quite a few times in my attempts at using it. Either an app issue or that particular restaurant wasn't accepting mobile orders at that time. It's the exception, not the norm, but yes they have had it unavailable at times.

ChrisFLApr 24, 2019

I mean, they didn't stop construction on the GOTG coaster when they fired James Gunn for that time period either

Brer PantherApr 24, 2019

It's kind of funny that they opened a restaurant supposedly "owned" by Rizzo, considering that since Steve Whitmire got fired he's been restricted to small cameos with zilch in the way of lines. I'm still holding out hope that they'll start letting him talk again (I think Peter Linz could make a good Rizzo), but still...

TrojanUSCApr 23, 2019

Never seen it "off" at any of the major quick service establishments. It's a big company initiative.

jbolen2Apr 23, 2019

I’ve used it at aloha isle a few times but it has been turned off more than on. , which is what I’ve ran in to about everywhere when I’m there,

TJJohn12Apr 22, 2019

Meh. At least PizzeRizzo doesn’t overpromise and underdeliver in its very name... 12 y/o me held a grudge against that restaurant that never died because they didn’t have a working claw machine to win an alien. It still upset me on my honeymoon, TBH.

CLEtoWDWApr 22, 2019

I miss Pizza Planet... I know it’s basically the same food wise but the theming was so neat IMO.

TrojanUSCApr 22, 2019

Have you used Mobile Ordering? There's not much of a line then.

GiveMeLibertyTreeTavernApr 22, 2019

Blaze/Mod pizza type establishments move too slow for high-volume theme park dining. I know they have one in Disney Springs, but that's not quite the same as facing the onslaught of lunchtime in Hollywood Studios.

jbolen2Apr 21, 2019

The pizza at the campground is actually pretty good for the cost of it, shocked they’d t use these pizzas more on property but maybe they can’t keep up with the demand for that type pizza at other places.

PiebaldApr 21, 2019

Why cant they just have the same pizza from the Boardwalk here? Or even better lease it out to Blaze Pizza 😍

MuteSuperstarApr 20, 2019

Yep, counter service in general (well, the standard issue burgers/pizza/chicken at the very least) needs a major overhaul if they are going to just keep raising prices (and they will).

TrainsOfDisneyApr 20, 2019

This one still baffles me, all they had to do was a moderately decent “fresh made” ny style pizza and the place would have been packed for super over priced food. Even boardwalk quality would have been good enough.

WondersOfLifeApr 20, 2019

Don’t they do the all you can eat pizza dinner at AK?