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Nov 18, 2016 in "PizzeRizzo"

Inside PizzaRizzo
Posted: Friday November 18, 2016 12:24pm EST by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney's Hollywood Studios opened its reworked Muppet Courtyard quick service restaurant earlier today, PizzeRizzo.

Taking over the former Pizza Planet, the restaurant has an all new interior and exterior, but unfortunately continues to offer very similar food and menu to Pizza Planet.

Stepping inside, the ordering area has been significantly enlarged. There are now more registers and pickup windows, which should result in a much shorter wait.

The restaurant has two levels of dining rooms, with a central staircase leading the way up to the second floor.

The second floor is the larger of the two dining spaces, split into the main dining room, and Rizzo's Deluxe Supreme Banquet Hall, which appears to be in the midst of a wedding reception, with music provided by DJ Electric Mayhem.

The second floor dining room has a lot of seating, in a variety of configurations. Tables of varying sizes, along with booths.

The place doesn't scream The Muppets, but there are some pieces of artwork throughout the building.

A large outdoor balcony on the second floor provides another seating option, equipped with both ceiling fans and heaters.

Heading back downstairs, there is a smaller dining space.

Both tables and booths are available on the ground floor.

A ground floor outdoor dining area completes the seating space at PizzeRizzo.

PizzeRizzo is a great looking restaurant, both inside and out. Although it is quick service, the quality of the space could easily have worked in a table service setting.

Almost unrecognizable from its Pizza Planet days, PizzeRizzo has clearly been designed to handle a lot of people. With the upcoming Star Wars and Toy Story Lands being located nearby, it would appear that PizzeRizzo is set to become one of the park's main quick service eateries.

If you like the Disney quick service type pizza, PizzeRizzo should be a must do. If you don't like the food, it is still worth a look around. PizzeRizzo is open daily from 11am, with closing times varying.

Click the gallery for more PizzeRizzo photos, and the PizzeRizzo menu is available here. If you want a look back at Pizza Planet, visit this gallery.

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dhslxopDec 26, 2016

Last night we ate at Mama Melrose's, and this morning I received a survey specifically asking about my experiences at the restaurant. None of the questions were anything too out of the ordinary (mostly about service, quality of food, etc.) that would imply closing the restaurant, but I thought it could be interesting considering all of the possible changes at DHS. So far it's the only specific survey we've received over the past few days of eating in the parks.

gmajewDec 06, 2016

All very true but the making of dough etc for that scale of volume is the labor they don't want to spend as it is labor intensive. Any frozen pie shell you can buy is poor quality and the co oanynthey use is actually the best of the best in the industry for pizza products. For frozen quality.

flynnibusDec 05, 2016

It would be nearly impossible for this type of establishment to do something similar to blaze pizza. The volume that this QSR will produce compared to the average blaze is not even remotely close. On top of that the skill level of the pizza cook at blaze is high as training on that oven and producing a perfect product takes time and man power. So Disney had to create a pizza that was easily able to be consistent and produced fast and the same. So a wood fire oven in this type of setting is not possible. Scale horizontal... they charge enough to do so :) Or simply take away the customization and work on a forecast and queue. Pre-made doesn't have to be low quality. You just keep the time between bake and serving low. Focus on 'personal size' portions that allow you to amp up the # of units while reducing the loss from deadheads. Considering they are already working on 'deliver to table' systems, no need to try to turn an order around in 2mins while they stand at the table if you wanted to goto a customized menu too. But stick to the usuals.. or limit to toppings that can be added and reheated quickly.

UnpluggedDec 02, 2016

I can see the window signage now.... Kerfay Bork, Bork "Ferm der piggy ter der foosh, ver herb der url!" - The Swedish Chef Translation: Cafe' Bork, Bork "From the pork to the fish, we have it all!" - The Swedish Chef

Princess LeiaDec 01, 2016

There probably are, but they may not be able to disclose anything right now. It'll all come out eventually :)

WDWbuff2001Dec 01, 2016

So is there any sources as to what will happen

Princess LeiaDec 01, 2016

Still hoping for the Swedish Chef

danlb_2000Dec 01, 2016

I believe it was a joke.

WDWbuff2001Dec 01, 2016

Are you serious aboutr the ride? And if you are what source is it

DinoInstituteDec 01, 2016

Source A: New Great Muppet Movie Ride E-Ticket coming in its place!!! Source B: You can probably expect some new curtains sometime soon :P

Goofyque'Nov 30, 2016

The not knowing prompted my ADR in 2 weeks for Mama. Just in case. ;)

WhatJaneSaysNov 30, 2016

:cautious: I'm getting two very different stories right now, from equally reliable places, so I don't really know at the moment. But I'm not really expecting to hear anything new until after the 1st of the year.

WDWbuff2001Nov 29, 2016

Now on to mama melrose... what will happen to it...

Magicart87Nov 29, 2016

Even better... It's Rat Pizza!