PHOTOS - First look at the food from the new Hot Diggity Dogs food truck opening tomorrow at Disney Springs

Mar 11, 2020 in "Food Truck - Hot Diggity Dogs"

Hot Diggity Dog Food Truck
Posted: Wednesday March 11, 2020 3:07pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Hot Diggity Dogs Food Truck will open March 12 at Disney Springs on the West Side in the Food Truck park. 

Replacing the Taco truck, the new new Hot Diggity Dogs will serve gourmet hot dogs with house-made chips.

Menu items will include a BLT Dog, Chicago Dog, Chili Cheese Dog, Reuben Dog and Santa Fe Dog - all served with house-made chips.

Hot Diggity Dog will open at 5pm.

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ZĂŠ_CariocaDec 22, 2020

That is why I was confused at first as well, I guess their reasoning is that these are more of your regular hot dogs whereas BB Wolf has the more gourmet thick brats but I would still have rather a more creative/diverse food truck option.

Club CooloholicDec 22, 2020

I just thought there was already this type of option at BB wolf's.

Benjamin_NicholasMar 11, 2020

Hot dogs are the food that doesn't scare middle-America It's not 'ethnic,' kids like them and it's pretty bland. I'm sure Dis will turn and burn it. I can't really blame them, but I'd never eat there. I much prefer tacos :)

Walt dMar 11, 2020

Looks like good chow in, the photos...

Hockey89Mar 11, 2020

Hot dogs instead of tacos.... Hard pass....

wdwmagicMar 11, 2020

Disney operated

Benjamin_NicholasMar 08, 2020

I'm more of a Jem and the Holograms figures guy. I had the whole set back in the late '80s.

larryzMar 08, 2020

Yes, I'd like to see the hot dog figures compared to the taco figures.

JIMINYCRMar 08, 2020

I would prefer the tacos over hot dogs.

Benjamin_NicholasMar 07, 2020

Sad to see the Taco Truck close. They were nice folks and served an okay taco. Hot dogs? Figures.

Sans SouciMar 06, 2020

I am surprised they are replacing the taco truck, every time I walked past it, it seemed like there was a decent line for it.

larryzMar 06, 2020

So, is this a locally owned food truck, or is it a Disney food venue in disguise?

DisneyJayLMar 05, 2020

Straight from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? 🤔