ESPN Club removal continues at Disney's BoardWalk

Jul 25, 2022 in "ESPN Club"

ESPN Club themeing removal - July 21 2022
Posted: Monday July 25, 2022 7:37am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

All of the theming elements have now been removed from the exterior of the ESPN Club on Disney's BoardWalk.

No significant changes are expected to be made to the structure of the building as it is converted into The Cake Bake Shop restaurant.

Disney has announced that a new table service restaurant and bakery, The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, will be taking over the space. Learn more about the BoardWalk updates.

ESPN Club opened at Walt Disney World in July 1996 and offered classic American pub cuisine, sports entertainment and shopping, along with live tv coverage of sporting events. The club closed along with the rest of Walt Disney World during the pandemic and did not reopen.

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ToTBellHop1 day ago

For the corn dogs? Sure. Cake Bake recently slipped to 2027. We're "almost there," y'all!

Bocabear1 day ago

so.....mid to late 2025 opening? lol

DCBaker1 day ago

Here are a few photos from the Boardwalk area from today. The Blue Ribbon Corn Dog kiosk has had a finishing element added to the top and there is more work taking place today on replacing boards along the boardwalk. [url=]

KDM3109112 days ago

Sorry, yes. The tea, cake, frilly photos and uppity looking vibe all scream Grand Floridian, not something you’d see at the Boardwalk. Doesn’t really matter as they chose to put it there anyway, but, I stand by my point.

Chef idea Mickey`=12 days ago

Perhaps it takes so long because they'll be a second floor :)

ToTBellHop12 days ago

Maybe Cake Bake Shop will also have random stairways to no where and that explains the 17-year build. I remember when this was announced in 2012. Good times.

lazyboy97o12 days ago

Sarah Winchester was very real and you can visit the Winchester Mystery House to this day. Work on the house was not actually continuous and did pause at times.

wedenterprises12 days ago

lol. no.

WorldExplorer12 days ago

Remember the urban legend of the woman who thought she would die when construction on her house finished? Maybe something similar is going on with the Cake Bake Shop.

SourcererMark7913 days ago

And he is wearing a fall protection harness, a bit loose though :)

monothingie13 days ago

Behold the rarest thing you’ll see at Disney. A lone construction worker in the Cake Bake habitat at Boardwalk!

monothingie13 days ago

Not even close to ready for occupancy inside let alone food prep.

mastromjm16 days ago

Corn dog stand is actually pretty much ready to go. Maybe they are still waiting on staffing or final approvals?

TrainsOfDisney16 days ago

Thank you! It needed to be said! He’s been asked to double his working hours to 2 per day, every other day, with weekends and holidays off. He needs all the hydration he can get in order to finish the job by the 60th anniversary of WDW!