Disney's BoardWalk to be updated with new table service restaurant, bakery, enhancements to the hotel's lobby, and refreshed guest rooms

Mar 11, 2022 in "Disney's BoardWalk Inn"

Posted: Friday March 11, 2022 3:04pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney has today announced plans to update Disney's BoardWalk with new enhancements at the hotel and on the BoardWalk itself.

Updates will include a new lobby design at Disney's BoardWalk Inn including a coffee bar, refreshed guest rooms, a new table service restaurant and bakery, and a new sandwich shop.

The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, is a new table service restaurant and bakery expected to open in 2023. According to Disney, "this restaurant will offer both savory and dessert menus, along with afternoon tea service, in a whimsical atmosphere that complements the magic of the idyllic charm of Disney’s BoardWalk."

The existing BoardWalk Bakery will become a new sandwich shop, and the ice cream store will remain.

Inside Disney's BoardWalk Inn, light and airy touches will reinvigorate the lobby, lounge and guest rooms, carrying the seaside breeze right inside. Just off the lobby, a new coffee bar with artisanal beverages and quick bites will be available to-go or in newly refreshed seating spaces inside or outdoors.

Disney has not yet offered any details on where the new additions will be located. However, the ESPN Club has not reopened since the COVID-19 shutdown, and would seem a likely candidate to be replaced.

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ToTBellHop7 days ago

What is the problem? Julie Andrews is one of the most famous New Jerseyans in history!

castlecake2.07 days ago

Perfectly said. Literally send someone to a flea market down the 192 to pick up some “old timey” things to put on some shelves and it’ll look a million times better. The pictures of Julie Andrews on the wall made my brain explode. WTH are they thinking?

TDLFan7 days ago

The seating area has been changed three times so far in terms of added decor. One of which only lasted a few days. What's absolutely amazing to me is the disconnect with what they think "theme" is. A vintage clock, hat stand, nick nacks, would rapidly theme this area to a 30's lounge, but this team thinks theme is park pics and Julie Andrews - and they still can't get it. This is a greater example of the problem facing Disney. Too many people in charge who don't understand the Disney difference.

castlecake2.07 days ago

When the bathrooms on Main Street have a better design team than the new coffee shop

Jambo Dad8 days ago

Hopeful Disney fan here. This Carousel coffee effort shows what Disney is not doing well. This was a smallish space adding a much needed space for coffee and bakery bites, as opposed to another store. Theme makes sense, and as noted on this board, many good ideas for delivering on the theme were made. Some of them even involved color! Instead we got something bland with a sitting area that looks like the afterthought it is, a design staff that appears to be adding stuff based on fan comments, and succulents in terrariums. They need to do better. Do they even have anyone with the sesign sense or chutzpah to build the Jambo House or Wilderness Lodges anymore? Every bad choice leaves the possibility of creating a weak experience that will last a decade or more! Do they want more throw away work like the tacos and Stargate?

ToTBellHop10 days ago

Oh lol Look at the trees!

EPCOT-O.G.10 days ago

Also I’m not disagreeing she is unproblematic and an ICON of the highest order. She’s fantastic and always has been.

EPCOT-O.G.10 days ago

4:11 mark

EPCOT-O.G.10 days ago

Yep. It’s a picture from 1971, of an actress that gained fame the decade before, for portraying Maria in South of Music (1930s Austria) and Mary Poppins (turn of the century London). None of those time periods or eras captured the elements of the Boardwalk theming. Maaayyyybe Mary Poppins comes closest in terms of era, but they’re on the wrong continent.

ToTBellHop10 days ago

I’ve only seen “When You Wish Upon a Star”

EPCOT-O.G.10 days ago

Unproblematic? Do you know what song she famously sang to celebrate the opening of WDW in 1971? Don’t tell the WDI scolds or they’ll rip the pictures off the walls.

ToTBellHop10 days ago

UPDATE: Crews have arrived on the scene and report additional framed photos of the Mad Tea Party because 1940s New Jersey BoardWalk. New frames purchased by Disney CEO during Target run. He also purchased a very snazzy new button-up cardigan before proclaiming, “Target run and done!”

ToTBellHop11 days ago

BREAKING NEWS: Carousel Cafe succulents placed in terrariums. Disney CEO reportedly bought the terrariums personally from IKEA. More during the 11 pm news.

ToTBellHop12 days ago