ESPN Club removal begins at Disney's BoardWalk

Jul 14, 2022 in "ESPN Club"

ESPN Club demolition - July 14 2022
Posted: Thursday July 14, 2022 10:30am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Demolition crews have moved into the ESPN Club on Disney's BoardWalk to remove the theming elements from the former ESPN building.

Crews are using high-reach lifts and saws to cut through the steel supports of the large decorative pieces.

The BoardWalk remains open to guests during the work.

Disney has announced that a new table service restaurant and bakery, The Cake Bake Shop by Gwendolyn Rogers, will be taking over the space. Learn more about the BoardWalk updates.

ESPN Club opened at Walt Disney World in July 1996 and offered classic American pub cuisine, sports entertainment and shopping, along with live tv coverage of sporting events. The club closed along with the rest of Walt Disney World during the pandemic and did not reopen.

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mattpeto7 days ago

It’s still on the site but it feels to be deader than dead. It’s going to be 5 years. Last chance would be BW re-launch whenever Cake Bake Shop opens.

Liloandstitch37 days ago

Any news on the Bon voyage breakfast?

monothingie7 days ago

I’m sure it will be a slice of heaven when it’s done.

wdisney90008 days ago

Construction hasn't exactly been a piece of cake

ToTBellHop8 days ago

monothingie8 days ago

You could say this entire endeavor on the Boardwalk is Half Baked... I'll show myself out.

JoeCamel9 days ago

They don't have a roof on this yet? Someone has no money........

wdisney90009 days ago

EPCOT (the entire park) was built faster than this refurbished cake shop.

SourcererMark799 days ago


Dr.GrantSeeker13 days ago

Exactly the topiaries are also gone now. Bobby is the only one who gets the special magical experience and great service I guess. 😆

TrainsOfDisney13 days ago

Ahhh good thinking! That is probably it. Remember last time the executives were there and a few topiary’s appeared? Hey they know who to impress I’ll give them that!

Dr.GrantSeeker13 days ago

They must have removed the planters so Bob didn't have to see them, now that he's gone they went right back into position.

mastromjm13 days ago

Most of the parking lot has reopened now since construction is mostly complete. I believe the only thing left to be completed is The Cake Bake Shop...though there is still an empty kiosk right in the middle of the Boardwalk (on top of Big River).

Bocabear13 days ago

At this rate we can all celebrate the opening of Epic Universe by making a 6 month advanced reservation for 2026...