EPCOT's new quick-service restaurant to be named 'Connections Café and Eatery'

16 days ago in "Connections Café and Eatery"

Posted: Saturday November 20, 2021 10:03am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Disney Parks Chairman Josh D'Amaro has today announced that EPCOT's new quick-service restaurant will be named "Connections Café and Eatery."

The new restaurant will replace the former Electric Umbrella, and will be the main eatery outside of World Showcase.

An opening date for 'Connections Café and Eatery' is still to be announced.

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90s7 days ago

And this is for the folks who don’t wanna try adventurist cuisine and just basic fare

FigmentFan827 days ago


yensidtlaw19698 days ago

The copy on that particular Instagram post reminds me of a valid criticism of a past iteration of DCA - that Paradise Pier purported to answer the question "What would it be like if Walt Disney built an amusement park in California?" . . . meanwhile, the actual, much more invigorating answer to that question lay open across the Esplanade in the form of Disneyland. Connections Cafe is about "The relationship of place, people and food from across the world – celebrating the bountiful variety of ingredients and traditions that connect culture and food to the beautiful, diverse places that we call home"? We already have that, Zach. It's called World Showcase. And it's . . . right over there.

Epcot82Guy8 days ago

Le Pomme du Bees Creperie

Vinnie Mac8 days ago

I see where you're coming from. I can agree with some criticism despite the fact that I don't dislike the architecture of the new restaurant as well as the Creations Shop and Club Cool because it fits with the time that we are in therefore it also fits in Epcot.

UNCgolf8 days ago

The creperie is excellent 2020s style generic suburban restaurant.

Vinnie Mac8 days ago

Was referring to the namesake of this forum as well as the Creations Shop and Club Cool but please, continue complaining. It's entertaining

HauntedPirate8 days ago

D) All of the above? 😉😂

Sir_Cliff8 days ago

I tend to agree with all of this. This is part of the reason I think Future World might have been a bit of a misnomer in the sense that, while it did look forward, the focus was more on contemporary developments that would hopefully lead to a better future. So, while the was a definite logic to the name, I think it suggested a futuristic theme that was never quite there in the focus of the attractions or the architecture, which was also very contemporary to its time. That's why I can see people not liking contemporary aesthetic tastes and thus not liking some of the recent projects, but I struggle to understand why they're inappropriate for Epcot. EDIT: Just in response to the above post, you can certainly make the argument it's not well executed, but I think that's a different argument to whether what they're going for is appropriate.

lazyboy97o8 days ago

Where is this 2020s style architecture? Is it the mismatched glazing systems? Or the giant warehouses? The lack of planning?

Vinnie Mac8 days ago

I think many people forget that Epcot is a theme park literally built to change practically on a decade to decade basis. Some folks are complaining that 2020's Epcot features 2020's style architecture.

FigmentForever969 days ago

Idk I like how it looks. Epcot has always been (or should be a product of its time). It was retro looking in the 80s and was…well it was certainly something in the 90s. Yes it’s in Future World but I mean it looked like something you’d expect in the 90s. I feel the same vibe is being given here. It def fits the same feeling you’d find in most places classified as modern or “today”. Ideally, in 10 years it would change to reflect that era. Not everyone’s cup of tea, I get that but it’s def not worse than EU.

Epcot82Guy9 days ago

I look forward to hearing about how Connections will tap into Epcot's legacy of helping people connect with smaller waistlines.

MisterPenguin9 days ago

What's worse than Zach doing PR is Disney's PR doing PR. And if Zach's PR is really Disney's PR doing PR for him, then it's no wonder it's not very good.