The Croissant Doughnut is back at Walt Disney World in EPCOT

Aug 16, 2023 in "Connections Café and Eatery"

Posted: Wednesday August 16, 2023 11:04am ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

The Croissant Doughnut has returned to EPCOT at Connections Café in World Celebration.

The sugary-cinnamon pastry is a doughnut made from a croissant-like dough and was a huge hit when it was created in 2013.

The trademarked Cronut is attributed to Chef Dominique Ansel, who created it for the Dominique Ansel Bakery in New York City, where it became famous due to frequent sellouts and being sold for up to $100 each on the black market.

Disney's version of the Cronut was originally sold in EPCOT at the Refreshment Port in World Showcase starting late 2013.

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wdwmagicAug 17, 2023

The restaurant is technically Connections Eatery, and the Starbucks is Connections Cafe. Not the clearest of naming systems.

NunuAug 17, 2023

I wrongly assumed they were found at the restaurant. Thanks for clarifying. :)

DCBakerAug 17, 2023

That's correct!

NelleBelleAug 17, 2023

Are they at the Starbucks in Connections?

NunuAug 16, 2023

Happy to hear croissant-doughnuts are back at Epcot, I missed them. That being said, I'm in trouble, lol!