Walt Disney World to eliminate self-service paper straws and plastic lids

Aug 18, 2023 in "Connections Café and Eatery"

Posted: Friday August 18, 2023 1:41pm ET by WDWMAGIC Staff

Walt Disney World will begin phasing out the availability of plastic lids and paper straws at its quick-service restaurants and snack locations across the resort.

Starting August 21, 2023, paper straws and plastic lids will only be available on request and will not be placed in guest areas for self-service.

Disney is working to achieve zero waste to landfill for its parks, resorts, and cruise line by 2030.

Disney has already eliminated single-use plastic straws and stirrers at all owned and operated locations globally, a reduction of more than 175M straws and 13M stirrers per year.

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LittleBufordSep 23, 2023

Yes, but don’t dare point it out, because that would be to dictate others’ choices!

MagicHappens1971Sep 22, 2023

Capt. Cooks was really bad for waste like this post Covid. Up until ~September(ish) of last year they were still mobile order only, and every single item was packaged to go and placed in a huge to go bag.

WorldExplorerSep 22, 2023

They have a choose to go option built into the app. It just doesn't show up for Contempo (or others. Nothing for Capt. Cook's, but it's there for Gasprilla) for some reason.

LittleBufordSep 22, 2023

I said it was needless to have that many plates and domes, based on the description that @Royal Purple Pigment provided.

TrainsOfDisneySep 22, 2023

Typically when you place a mobile order at any restaurant it comes packaged with a lid to keep the food the proper temperature. I guess they could add a “to go” or “for here” option in the app?

EPCOT-O.G.Sep 22, 2023

You said it was all needless. I can point to a number of reasons why the plastic coverings may be needed: keep the food warm Prevent cross contamination (especially if there are food allergies) Helps with stacking containers

LittleBufordSep 22, 2023

I agree that Disney’s straw ban is above all a public-relations (and cost-cutting) move, but I still think reducing the use of straws achieves something positive.

Royal Purple PigmentSep 22, 2023

The plastic at the Contempo was over the top for sure. It just highlights to me that the straws are little more than a public relations move. It's like stocking up on toilet paper for the pandemic or buying every case of water before a hurricane. It makes us feel like we are doing something.

LittleBufordSep 22, 2023

I’m opining (as one is supposed to do in a forum), not dictating. Moreover, I didn’t interpret @Royal Purple Pigment to be saying that all that plastic was needed. Quite the opposite.

EPCOT-O.G.Sep 22, 2023

It’s not my place to dictate the needs of others.

LittleBufordSep 22, 2023

You think they should continue serving things needlessly in multiple plates, each with its own plastic dome? Why?

EPCOT-O.G.Sep 22, 2023

How about no.

LittleBufordSep 22, 2023

They definitely need to fix that. At Disneyland Paris this summer, things were being served in reusable thick plastic plates and cups. Nothing glamorous, but it did the trick.

Royal Purple PigmentSep 22, 2023

I recently placed a mobile order at the Contempo Cafe in the Contemporary. Every item was put on its own plate (fries, sandwich,etc.) And each plate came with a giant plastic dome. Every customer order was like that. Each entree probably had 25 plastic straws worth of plastic in it. Seems so weird.